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Gekob - autót irányító mestereséges intelligencia

3 MI algoritmus + vezető térkép generálás grafikus felület


ConGENER package is a set of combinatorial-computational tools to study families of halogen substituted molecules, so called congeners.

Monohard - The Open Source Botnet

NOTICIASe a eliminado los archivos anteriores y vuelto a subir todo el source de MonoHard, al parecer en un foro creían que se les quería infectar por algunos .exe que por defecto generó el .net y estaban en el antiguo .zip , ahora el nuevo .zip está sin los .exe, gracias. DESCRIPCIONUn Troyano de conexión inversa para la creación de Botnets, escrito en C# y panel web en PHP ,MonoHard es un código escrito con la intensión de educar y poder concienciar a las personas en general del daño

Genereek - Dynamic XML loader Cross Browser, Cross Domain and Cross Language

GenerEEK is a web framework build to make new web technology simple and funky. Most of the web framework are difficult to use (if you don't know very well development method's) or too simple to do everything you want. So even if you are a good developer that take time to develop new application. Some new move are very interesting (like AIR, Silverlight or JavaFX) but it's counting on setup an external program/plugin. More you have program's on your computer more you risk to have security issues.

Javadox - Javadoc Crossreferencing Browser - cross-referencing multiple javadoc documents together.

Javadox cross-references multiple javadoc documents together. The suffix "x" reads like the plurality form and means Xross-referenced javadocs. To not remake the wheel, more and more java projects reuse other existing projects. However, the generated documents usually contains stuffs of current project only. This causes navigation interruption when referencing to other projects. Developers has to stop navigating and google for what package the return/parameter type is. Although the javadoc gener

Irc-sharp - An Internet Relay Chat Library written in C#

An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) library written in C#, which enabled developers to make their applications take advantages of the Internet Relay Chat network. The library supports basic IRC features, such as channels, users and messaging, but it also supports CtCp, DCC chats and transfers. It is licensed under the BSD license, and is therefore free to use in any open source as well as proprietary software. Project Status: I've done a lot of code restructuring and been renaming classes, and in gener

Genericdaojdbc - A light framework to access data in conjunction with Spring Jdbc Layer

Generic Dao Jdbc aim to realize that most of code using Spring Jdbc access follows the same structure. Genericdaojdbc solve most of common interaction with the database, and it's easy to customize. Rules: 1) Entities are javaBeans which extend net.ermannofranco.genericdaojdbc.model.Entity They inherit a property "id" of numeric type, which is generified and is the primary key. e.g. Address extends Entity<Long> means that Address has a primary key of type Long. 2) Dao objects extend abstractGener

yet another php photo album-next gener.

yappa-ng is no longer supported!! yappa-ng is a powerful php online photo gallery with easy webbased setup and no MySQL. Comfortable album-admin interface, automatic thumbnails and image resizing, multilingual, passwords, hit counters, image captions, themes, SlideShows, Top 10,...

Informatics - Graphical Pipeline Informatics and Genomics Workflows

The Informatics project is an open-source environment that provides a lasting, extensible, platform-agnostic and distributed infrastructure enabling high-throughput informatics, efficient data management, robust analysis protocol design and powerful study-wide provenance, including data, processing and computational services. Neuroinformatics is one specific focus for this project; however this infrastructure is directly applicable to diverse biomedical computing, translational science and gener