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This nifty little application generates a batch file that, when run, will set the LOCK state of a chosen Site Collection and sub sites to either NoAdditions or Readonly or NoAccess



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Saml-services - Code examples and libraries to configure secure services using SAML

This site hosts the code used for the NLJUG JSpring 2008 conference presentation "Open Source Service... Locked down!". During this presentation it was shown how to use SAML to create secure services using various open source frameworks.


A nifty little utility that allows you to automate the backups of sites on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Usage: -a || -d || -w [-f <filename>] Operations and Parameters: -a Create backup file for all sites -d Create backup file for all sites that have been modified i...

Vncafe - Small internet cafe management software

Server & Client Features Computer control and monitoring : shutdown/restart/lock off, capture client screens, view surfing web sites Terminate process remotely Disable registry edit/task manager ... on client computer Block IP of black websites (using mini firewall on client) Support file transfer Support file logging Support multicast Auto update Auto connect Packet monitoring (client) Play flash while client is being locked Unicode support Order management(food, drink ...) Prepaid/postpaid man

Automated-wowvoteing - Free WoW Sites Vote Points Faming Script.

Will this came about because I am sick of sites that host free WoW servers, using that vote system to try to lock you into there sites to play. That is make it a pain the butt to be able to vote for a 2nd or 3rd account that you may have. So right now this script is in it's start out phase so as I go along I will add more and more site to it. All I ask is that you keep what ever copy of the code you download to use with Greasemonkey to your self and not reuse or repost any of it with getting my

Mono-taskparallel-library - Tasl Parallel Library look alike for Mono

Microsoft Task Parallel library aims to provide a simplified interface for harvesting the power of multi core CPU. Task Parallel library Beta is available for evaluation from Microsoft site. FeaturesLock free Elimination Stack and Dequeue Work Stealing Algorithm Parallel Loop Constructs PLINQ Extensions Required readingsThe Art Of Multiprocessor Programming: Maged Michael's Research Papers from IBM: http://w

Bloghost - You can create a new web site that same as another web site except domain data.

IntroductionIf you have a source web site (A), you can create another one website (B) that all pages are same as site (A) except domain name. This project was created by using PHP language. First, you can setup .htaccess file to rewrite all HTTP request into one main.php, then this program will automatically download web page from another website and caching it. Please told me if you using this class. Thank you. FeaturesSupport caching: All data are static HTML. You can setup the expired time. L

Phplockerlib - Php library to solve concurrent access issues - By SixtyFourWarrior

Php_locker_lib v2.0 - By SixtyFourWarriorUse link on the right hand side of the page to download the library. What is Php_locker_lib ?Php_locker_lib is a Php library destined to be used when concurrent access issues occurs in web projects. For example, on a forum, when a moderator edit a message, it will be better if nobody else can edit it or delete it at the same time. The problem can be more serious for example on selling sites, because you can lose money if the database is altered. Php_locke

Jcarder - JCarder is a tool for finding potential dead locks in multi-threaded Java programs.

JCarder is a tool for finding potential deadlocks in multi-threaded Java programs. It does this by instrumenting Java byte code dynamically, i.e., it is not a tool for static code analysis. The instrumented code can be run in an ordinary JVM (Java version 5 or higher). This Google Code project site only contains issue tracking. Downloads and documentation can be found on

Premhela - Preclinical emergency medicine helper application

The application provides the preclinical emergency physician with important, readily available information. It is targeted for WM2005 platform devices with VGA screens, is fool-proof and reliable and can easily be operated in strenuous situations by touch with a finger instead of the pen. Features: -calculations related to on-site work by the emergency physician --medication dosage, age / weight dependent --various formulas, eg ped. tube size -displays diagnostic / therapeutic algorithms -hardwa

Phpsessionmanager - a php class for starting secure sessions.

This project contains the code from this blog post on Carsonified. Updated 9/24/09 UsageStarting the session is a simple call to the "sessionStart" static function. // Creates a basic session.SessionManager::sessionStart('InstallationName');// Creates a session thats ends when the browser closes and is only accessible at'Blog_myBlog', 0, '/myBlog/', '');// Creates a session thats ends when the browser closes and is only accessible at