MailMachine for Gemini Issue Tracker

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Gemini MailMachine enables full mail-based lifecycle of issues with Gemini, an ASP.NET Issue Tracker / Bug Tracker / Project Management platform.



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Privateer Gemini Gold

Privateer Gemini Gold is a remake of the classic space simulation adventure Privateer that was part of the Wing Commander games series. It brings back the magic of the Gemini Sector with a modern game engine and high resolution graphics.


GeminiR is a small, fast, configureable, extensible text editor for developers and webmasters. Its standard features are syntax highlighting, text conversions etc.

Community Add-on's for Gemini Issue Tracker

Countersoft Gemini Community Add-on's project providing users with additional integrations with Gemini, an ASP.NET Issue Tracker / Bug Tracker / Project Management platform.

Osgi-enterprise - Code samples for OSGi enterprise applications

This project is a space to share some sample code for building OSGi enterprise applications, exploring the OSGi Enterprise Specification, Java EE, Spring and other frameworks. Current Samplesjpa: Persistence bundles and client bundles, using Apache Aries JPA and JNDI gemini-tx: Declarative transactions, using Eclipse Gemini Blueprint aries-tx: Declarative transactions, using Apache Aries Blueprint, JNDI, JPA and Transactions aries-pde: Same as aries-tx, but reorganized as Eclipse PDE projects Wi

Dmnapi - Enigma2 plugin for Dreambox: & client

Enigma2 plugin DMnapi analyzes video files held on disk (pendrive), retrieves them from the Polish subtitles database: and converts them SRT UTF8. GUI integration: BPBrowser Gemini2 5.x FileBrowser Gemini3 Dreamexplorer 6.x

Jgemnap - Java interface to the Napco Gemini series of security systems

Back in 2001 I bought a Napco Gemini 3200 alarm system for my home. Around the same time I wanted to teach myself java. I noticed my Gemini had an RS232 serial port which greatly intrigued me - turns out that you could, using Napco's software, program the control panel from a laptop. So I wondered if they can do it why can't I. But then I found out that all the communications between the laptop & the control panel were encrypted and Napco weren't exactly publishing the decryption algorithm on th

Greenshot Screen Capture for Gemini Issue Tracker

Greenshot Screen Capture integration with Gemini, an ASP.NET Issue Tracker / Bug Tracker / Project Management platform.

Gemini-dictionary - Netbeans plugins for dictionary

Application for creating own dictionaries. Create dictionaries with words, translations, synonyms and others. This project is meant for multilingual projects where you need to keep your dictionary exact and clear. News30.10.2008 new version 0.9 with support for netbeans 6.5 with DB plugins 29.02.2008 new version 0.8 with support for netbeans editor with popup menu and lot of fixes 19.02.2008 new update repository page 19.02.2008 version