Container Terminal System

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Related Projects

InterBase Database Repair Utility

Repairs InterBase database files that have become corrupted in such a way that backup and restore will not fix. GDS Consistency Errors for example. Utilizes either record by record copy or external tables. Also supports FireBird.

Placement-schd - Scheduler project for scheduling Interviews, GDs, .... in colleges which have some

Scheduler project for scheduling Interviews, GDs, .... in colleges which have some kind of a placement process. Download and compile the sources using gnu make. Tested on Linux extensively. Should work on Windows also.

Gds2062 - Java utility to communicate with GW Instek GDS-2062 oscilloscope

GUI that can send commands to and capture the sample data from your oscilloscope. The utility provides greater access to the sample data than the Instek software does. Requires serial communications package from

Gds-opera-history-component - The Opera Indexing Component for Google Desktop Search

Google Desktop Search provides the ability to search and index your entire computer although not all files are included or indexed in the way you'd like. The Opera Indexing component indexes your Opera browser bookmarks, and history so you can correctly search for them in Google Desktop Search.

Gds-dot-net - .NET wrappers for Google Desktop Search APIs

This is an API wrapper to let .NET developers use the Google Desktop Indexing API (currently COM-based.) It internally handles the Interop business, and exposes a clean API to your application.


This is a simple viewer for the ``Stream Format'' for CALMA GDSII CAD libraries (``GDS II'', ``.gds'' or ``.sf'') with a couple of limitations. The main functionality is viewing the library layers with different colors.

Yourmp-gds - Your MP Google Desktop Search Gadget

Your MP is a gadget that displays your local MP information and their most recent debates. Information is provided for by the excellent 22 Dec 08 Fixed: corrupt install package. Added: option to display MP photo in gadget. Fixed: Date of speeches now correct. Fixed: Correct value for MP expenses is displayed. Added: Can choose how regularly it updates speeches. Changed: Layout and style is slightly updated. Displays the following info Name Constituency Party Expenses claimed i

Abako - Abako

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