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Gcs-admin-toolkit - Google Commerce Search Toolkit

Google Commerce Search Admin Toolkit GCS Admin Toolkit is a package of tools for GCS administrators. It contains the following: Server-side implementationsjava/basic.jsp: java sample using XML parsing java/recommendations.jsp java sample page with recommendations using XML parsing java/local.jsp java sample page with local availability using XML parsing java/ c# sample using client library NET/basic.aspx: c# sample using XML parsing NET/recommendations.aspx c# sample page with rec

Gcs-gr1 - Calculadora is3

Es una calculadora implementada en Java para probar scm. El código fue descargado de:

G2cl - Generic Group Communication Layer

Generic Group Communication Layer (G2CL) is an attempt to offer high level abstractions over group communications toolkits. It was originally developed as a set of abstractions upon jGCS, which provides a generic interface to several group communications toolkits. Throughout development we had several issues with original jGCS, that led us to make a fork of this project. Thus, G2CL is a generic group communication interface, and, at the same time, it ships with imple

Opti365 - open-source web content and gadgets for everyone presents various open-source web content and gadgets that you can incorporate into your own websites or blogs Open-Source ClipartsWe need your contributions to grow our open-source cliparts. Sample Pointers GadgetsYou may use our free gadgets on your website or Google Code projects. (Please scroll further down for HTML codes that you can use for your Google Code projects. You obtain parameter up_gcs from the Gadget Config String (GCS) in the configurator.) Demo#1 (with Counters, Tran

Gcs-gr03 - Calculadora

Proyecto para práctica de uso de branches - Ingeniería de Software III 2008, Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Autores: Fabrizzio Andrioli, Ernesto Ocampo, Marcia Villalba.

Kiel-gcs-ardupilot-mega - GCS for use with ArduPilot Mega

Uses the legacy GCS output from the APM and displays a graphical representation of the status of your plane. Written in Java.

Robot-chopper - To develop an autonomous quad-rotor helicopter.

ICARUS is a collection of Projects to support an Autonomous Quad-Rotor Vehicle. These Projects include the Remote Control Unit (RCU), the Ground Control Station (GCS), the GCS-Interface (GCSI), the Test-Stand, and the Vehicle itself.

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