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The gawkextlib project provides several extension libraries for gawk (GNU AWK), as well as libgawkextlib containing some APIs that are useful for building gawk extension libraries. These libraries enable gawk to process XML data, interact with a PostgreSQL database, use the GD graphics library, and perform unlimited precision MPFR calculations. This works only with a development version of GNU AWK. The older xgawk package was a standalone version of gawk that provided these same libraries. After the new gawk is released, it will no longer be necessary for this project to provide an xgawk binary. The new gawk has all the needed features for loading shared libraries. Previous description: An extension of GAWK, the GNU implementation of the AWK Programming Language, for processing XML data. XMLgawk is just one of the extensions that come with the xgawk distribution. The others are the PostgreSQL and the MPFR extension.



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