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Game Stats generates web-based static .HTML statistics by parsing a game log file. Currently supports COD (Call of Duty) and Soldier of Fortune 2 w/OSP or ROC mods. As of 1.4, it ships with its own executable, and doesn't require PHP or MySQL.



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Ikariam-combat-report-enhancer - Enhances the Combat Reports GameStats-like with a balance sheet tab

This script got its idea from and puts a balance sheet table at the top of a combat report. This balance sheet table contains: remaining and lost general points of the attacker(s) and the defender(s) remaining and less upkeep costs for the attacker(s) and the defender(s) gained offensive and defensive points for the attacker(s) and the defender(s) "lost" resources and citizens (amount of resources and citizens that are necessary to reproduce the lost units or ships)

Xblbot - IRC bot that reports to channel Xbox Live data from a public API

Simple bot based on PircBot (java based IRC framework - and using Xbox Live public API for data ( Uses commands in an IRC channel to display data such as gamerscore, latest games played and achievements for those games, rank amongst users in data file. !rank !xbl <gamertag> !xblfull <gamertag> !games <gamertag>!gamestats <gamertag:game>output of !xbl <gamertag> <XblBot> Last seen 15 hours ago playing<XblBot>

Gstatspp - GStats++: GHost++ Web-Based Statistics

IntroductionGStats++ is a stats parsing software that connects to a database used by GHost++ to parse the data and show them with a web-based interface. Donate Now to show your support! Featured PagesDownloads.List Source.Checkout Source.Browse Screen ShotsGStats++ 3.0 screenshots coming soon.

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Web Application for conducting Surveys of WoT players and correlating their responses with their game-stats

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