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A CMS made for Gaming web sites, who will like to manage content by consoles, and by a category (previews, reviews, etc.). You may also add/delete a console, and add/delete a category. Uses PHP and MySQL, and is valid XHTML, and CSS.



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Nabmatrixapicatlist - NZBMatrix API Category List

28)Anime:All 20)Apps:Linux )Apps:Mac 21)Apps:Other )Apps:PC 52)Apps:Portable 53)Documentaries:HD 9)Documentaries:STD )Games:Dreamcast 45)Games:DS 46)Games:GameCube )Games:Other )Games:PC )Games:PS1 )Games:PS2 43)Games:PS3 )Games:PSP 44)Games:Wii 51)Games:Wii-VC )Games:Xbox )Games:Xbox360 54)Movies:BRRip 2)Movies:Divx-Xvid Movies:DVD 50)Movies:HD-Blu-Ray 42)Movies:HD-x264 4)Movies:Other 3)Movies:SVCD-VCD 48)Movies:WMV-HD 24)Music:DVD 23)Music:Lossless 22)Music:MP3-Albums 47)Music:MP3-Singles 27)M

Simplegameframework - Simple Game Framework

A simple game framework using irrlicht as the rendering engine. Other components like audio, physic can be integrated easily Key features The framework consists of 2 parts -SGF:The main framework. -Clean and simple OOP design -Signal/slot event handling -Game state system -Serialization/Deserialization of game states -Extensible -SGE:Simple game editor -A library to integrate a built-in editor into your game -WYSIWYG -Real-time -Simple but powerful interface -The editor can edit all the game-spe