The Game at UCSF

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A Bay Area tech scavenger hunt utilizing all forms of content online to break through riddles and develop team unity while racing to the mysterious final destination.



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Low-latency, high-quality voice communication for gamers. Includes game linking, so voice from other players comes from the direction of their characters, and has echo cancellation so the sound from your loudspeakers won't be audible to other players.


Gamers.IRC is a collection of scripts for mIRC, the most popular Windows IRC client. Gamers.IRC is for Windows 95 and higher. Visit our website: Download Gamers.IRC: Forum:


OpenLierox is an extremely addictive realtime worms shoot-em-up backed by an active gamers community. Dozens of levels and mods are available to provide endless gaming pleasure.

Time Breach

Time Breach is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. In this univers, all gamer can create his world. Each world must be managed like an economic game. In fact two types of games are linked on one univers.

Cgympoker - java online poker game

A online multiplayer java poker game with a swing UI for the gamers and a JSP UI for the administrator. Gamers should be able to join a tournament that will start a a specific date/time, and play in the tournament (and hope to win). Each player should receive a given amount of chips at the start of the tournament and will continue to play until the chips run out, or the player wins the tournament. The project will be written in the Eclipse IDE.

Hauntedworld - Merging fantasy and reality through multiplayer location-based gaming

The technology powering videogame consoles have allowed developers to create extremely immersive and challenging games. Unfortunately, this level of engagement comes at a cost. Gamers have become disconnected with the environment and people surrounding them. The goal of Haunted World is to reconnect gamers to the physical world. By using the technology found on SmartPhones and a backend powered by a robust web engine, we created an augmented reality game that will encourage players to explore an

KonsolScript and Game Engine

Free and Open Game Programming Language for Windows and GNU/Linux