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The Game of Life is a the best example of a cellular automaton. It's developed in C#, SilverLight.



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game-of-life - Demo application for the 'Jenkins: The Definitive Guide' book

Demo application for the 'Jenkins: The Definitive Guide' book

Game-of-life-py - game of life

written as a course project @ fmi, year of 2007

The-game-of-life-java-gui-scala-engine - The famous game of life, with a gui in Java (developed on n

This project is an opportunity for me to learn using scala. This version will include interesting features...

Conway - The Game of Life implemented using the GridWorld framework.

Conway is a set of Java classes that implement John Conway's Game of Life (Cellular Automation) using the GridWorld framework. GridWorld is the 2008 AP Computer Science Case Study written originally by Cay Horstmann. For more information, read the wiki. Screenshot

Cellauto - Cellular Automaton using python

Création d'un jeu de la vie et d'autres automates cellulaires ainsi qu'un modèle d'automate cellulaire générique. Le tout en python.

Game of Life Simulator

Game of Life Simulator is a fast simulator of the Conway's Game Of Life. Its' developed in C# using Windows Forms.

Celulagameoflife - An implementation of Conway's Game of Life

Célula: Game of LifeOverviewCélula is a Python implementation of Conway's Game of Life (GoL). The game world is a 2-dimensional grid of cells, which are alive or not. There are several variants to the rules, but the original rules are as follow: Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbours dies, as if caused by underpopulation. Any live cell with more than three live neighbours dies, as if by overcrowding. Any live cell with two or three live neighbours lives on to the next generation. An

Project-theta - Blackhole game

A multiplayer game with a black hole

Eglproject - Enhanced Game of Life project - Java

EGL ProjectDescriptionThe EGL project use the concept developed by Conway. It's a common academic project. But the EGL aim is to produce a ready-to-use software, and to develop new functionnality. Every support is welcomed. Versioningv.O.1: A minimalist interface has been developped. First, you have a matrix of checkboxes, all unselected. You check some boxes (a cb checked stands for a living cellula). After this, you clik the OK button to launch the evolution thread. Just look at the results. T