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Core engine for game services for mobile and RIA clients



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Starworld - star world network game.

一款休闲类�游�,使用HGE图形引擎。 现以制作的GameSDK中包� GuiLib -- 一个图形界�库, 12月10日加入了SLB的支�,将�会是一个全脚本的框架。 GameCore -- 游�核心库 GameWorld -- 游�场景管� 其他包� HelpLib 其中囊括了 iocp�装, 数�库(mssql,mysql)�装, 日志系统, 线程池, 线程本地存储, 关键区对象�装, CPU资�监控, dll-patch实现代�以�多个�常实用函数。

Game-core - Useful c++ lib for game core management , code organization and basic mecanics.

GCore (for Game-Core) is my personal lib shared between my game projects (currently made on spare time). This is a C++ lib that gather classes useful to build the core organization of a game. Currently it is only tested on Windows XP but I'd like it to be cross-platform (for at least Windows/Linux/Unix/MacOS and maybe Haiku too). It should be thread-safe too as there is no static data nor any singleton class. The user can use the singleton class provided to specify witch class should be a single

Pocket-monsters-open - AP Computer Science Project

Mr. Wesner's 2010 AP Computer Science Class' Multiplayer GameCore OverviewA computer based multiplayer Pokémon game similar to the Union Room. Task UpdatesCreate a google account & tell Zach or Jimmy that you have. Everyone needs to add data to a template class for about 8 pokemon, more instructions in the downloads section. (See available pokemon here]). Everyone needs to pick something in the outline to do. Small groups are ok. Design GoalsNote: Goals may be refined/added to as project progre

Android-opengl-box2d-basics - A Basic setup for OpenGL and Box2D for Android

Demo ProjectA sample setup for Android gamesThis project is intended as an introduction to graphics and physics-animation, particularly on Android. This is a basic setup that illustrates how a physics engine can be integrated with OpenGL to achieve high performance graphics with real-world physics animation. Some knowledge of physics, JNI and OpenGL is recommended. The setup features an Android application demonstrating two dynamic shapes that bounce around the screen affected by the phone's acc

GameCore - The Custom TrinityCore

The Custom TrinityCore