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A game configuration server which utilizes the GameXML standard to store and distribute game configurations to network-connected PC and Console based games. Includes web front-end for manual configuration, and download templates for every game possible. G



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Customkeyer - copy customkeys.txt and run config of every warcraft 3 gamer in client pc

this tool copy customkeys.txt of every user from a server computer to the client computer and also copy a reg file that contains users config and run it then a gmaer not need too copy customkeyes.txt and config manually this tool also can added in game centers softwares such as game port and easycaffe

Ricochetsourcemod - Ricochet: Source Subversion Depository

Ricochet: SourceThe basic gameplay of Ricochet is this: Payers jump between neon-lit platforms suspended above an abyss, and shoot discs at one another, trying to push the opponent off the platform and into the depths. Ricochet exists in both GoldSrc (HL1) and Source (HL2) engines. The first version of the game, designed in Goldrc, was created by Valve Software. The second version, created in Source, was created by us, the third party developer (MOD). Release a1.1 News (01/27/10)After 6 weeks of

Game-Configs - configurations for various games i play

configurations for various games i play