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A collection of tools that are easy to configure to take input from game controllers (gamepads, wiimotes, sixaxis controllers), and output midi or osc data for use in music programs



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Pushpin - Pushpin Game Boy Color MIDI Synthesizer

Pushpin Game Boy Color MIDI SynthesizerNoah Vawter and Brian Whitman are proud to finally present Pushpin, a MIDI synthesizer kit for your Nintendo Game Boy Color. Pushpin converts your Game Boy into a MIDI ready device that you can control from any keyboard, sequencer, or software. It comes as a ROM file you program to any flash cartridge along with simple instructions to build a cable that hooks into the GBC's Link Port -- one end of the cable is a link connector, and the other is a MIDI in. P

Pyseq0 - A python loop-based Midi Sequenzer

A python loop-based Midi Sequenzer (WiP) Next StepsRemove PyGame with Pyglet and PyPortMidi add MidiInput design own GUI based on Pyglet add Chords: em.2 translated to = ["e.2","g.2","b.2"] ¦ Use pyChordLib FeaturesAutoconnect zu einem MidiPort anhand des angegebenen MidiNamen LMMS-MMP Datei Parser. Somit ist es möglich LMMS Songs auch Live zu nutzen Flexibel, da auf Midi aufbauend Newer Versions (>= v0.1 - rc2)PyPortMidi pyglet si

D2d - mini 2d game engine

d2d is: d2d is an extremely small and fast windows-2D-game-engine. support: bmp, jpg, gif format image. utf-8 encoding. wav and midi format sound. not support: rotation, alpha blend. license: freely. you can deal it in any way. gamcat@gmail.comHeader is Doc:

Pygalaxy - Pygame utilities for easy 2D game creation

PyGalaxy is an open source library of useful functions that make creating 2D games in pygame easier. A sampling of features: graphics primitives load transparent and animated GIFs correctly framerate utilities sprite engine with many features dynamic music mixing (music heats up with more enemies) microphone input and pitch detection simple physics engine AI functions such as pathfinding and state machines interface with Wii Remote, use all the features of the WiiMote in your game Some of the pi

Jpaz2 - Framework for teaching JAVA beginners.

JPAZ2 frameworkThe JPAZ2 framework is an educational framework. The main objective of this framework is to support teaching Java and OOP concepts for beginners, i.e., people with no previous programming experience. The key concepts are turtle graphics, programming by extending existing classes, and visual interaction with objects in the run-time. The next objective of the framework is to make programming of simple interactive and visual applications (e.g., 2D games) in Java easier. This is achie

Nostaljia - NostaJia Java 2D Game Engine

NostalJia is a free, open-source project of 2D Java Game Engine focused in ease-of-use and also in performance. the idea is to easely reproduce old fashioned games, to make 2D games using today's technology. We are also creating free games that still in development. Soon the downloads will be released with the compiled engine and more games. The name NostalJia is a mix of the word nostaljia and the word Java (the language used to make the engine), so the name was born! The engine is in early sta

Sangear - Learning How to build iGoogle Gadgets

Here are example gadgets i built to learn iGoogle Gadget making. The Full Story is below. Play and Learn, Animation TV Toy, Ten Channels, Click image and learn. If it Stops working change channel or wait. Here is a wishing bell made of Flash and Html for the usual Three Wishes. Nearly True Story - If you are the kinda chap or chip that likes stories, here is one, nearly true. When i started learning web-design i made a tutorial called Webbunny HTML Tutor. In this i built small web-gadgets like a

Pyfluidsynth - Python bindings for FluidSynth

pyFluidSynthPython bindings for FluidSynthCopyright 2008, Nathan Whitehead <>, maintained by Bart Spaans <> Released under the LGPL This module contains python bindings for FluidSynth. FluidSynth is a software synthesizer for generating music. It works like a MIDI synthesizer. You load patches, set parameters, then send NOTEON and NOTEOFF events to play notes. Instruments are defined in SoundFonts, generally files with the extension SF2. FluidSynth can eith

Soundtrack - World of Warcraft addon to customize in-game music

IntroductionEver get tired of World of Warcraft's default music? Soundtrack lets you change the game's music to your liking. You can customize various in-game events using your own mp3s, using an easy to use interface. Here's some example how users are using Soundtrack: Lord of the Rings music while in Elwynn Forrest Indiana Jones score while in Uldaman Neverending Story when flying on a hippogryph Shadow of the Colossus music when you encounter bosses Metal Gear Solid music when you're attacked

Guitarheromidi - Guitar Hero MIDI Controller, Arduino powered

A standalone method of turning a Guitar Hero game controller into a functioning MIDI instrument. This uses a Wii version of the Guitar Hero guitar, and an arduino to process the input and translate to MIDI via arduino software-designed program. This guitar hero midi controller is then able to be plugged into a standard midi device's input via a standard 5-pin midi connector cable and operate as a midi keyboard would operate. The code portion of this project is the 'meat and potatoes'; it is what