Standard Game 3D Math Library

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A 3D math library implemented in C++, suitable as building blocks for game development and middleware. Spawned by discussion on the sweng-gamedev mailing list.



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Gameobjects - Algorithms for games and realtime applications

Game Objects is a collection of 2D and 3D maths classes, and algorithms for helping in the creation of games with Python. Suitable for PyGame, but independent of it. Game Objects Documentation See for more information regarding this project.

Pyeuclid - 2D and 3D maths module for Python

Vector, matrix and quaternion classes for use with 2D and 3D games and graphics applications. Compatible with Pygame.

Simplex3d - Scala 3D engine with modular architecture.

Project StatusHave a look at the Project Roadmap for an up to date status. Recent News Simplex3d EngineThe first pre-release of the engine is available as a source download. Read Getting Started guide on how to compile it and run examples. Alternatively you can run (and even modify) all the examples online using Simplex3d Console. Simplex3d AlgorithmsA collection of algorithms including noise, intersection, and mesh utils. Simplex3d Vector Math DSLSimplex3d Math DSL resembles GLSL and has the sa

Slimmath - API independent math library for managed applications.

SlimMath is a generalized managed-only version of the math library in SlimDX. It aims to be usable from all .NET languages and rendering APIs. Eventually SlimGen will be integrated with SlimMath to provide heavily optimized SIMD implementations for many of the math functionality contained within. Brought to you by the SlimDX group.

Adamia-3d - Proper 3D engine in pure Javascript

Welcome to adamia3d, a user-friendly fast 3D engine written entirely in Javascript. Loads wavefront OBJ files Support for orthographic & perspective rendering No dependencies on other libraries Heavily optimized math library included Full scenegraph based on quaternions and matrices where appropriate Works in all modern browsers except IE (and IE support is being worked on). However, recent Webkit browsers and Firefox 3.1beta perform vastly better than most current browsers.

Graphicslib - General Platform Graphics library

The goal of the project is to extend openTK to include more things that make games simpler Features are to include: octree and portal culling systems model and texture managers 3d math classes very similar to XNA windows form based game window windows form based in game UI

Gfxlib - A game programming library for MSX

GFXlib is a small C game programming library for the MSX computer. It is being developed and compiled with the Hitech-C compiler. Current features: VDP and VRAM access functions Sprite manipulation PSG (sound) output Line algorithms Vector math and 3D Graphics Joystick input Many examples available as commented source code Miscelaneous utilities (defines, helpers...)

Eclipticwar - A 3d, pause-able, real-time space strategy game.

A personal project (though I would welcome collaborators and contributers) to develop a reasonably playable real time strategy game in true 3d, featuring more complicated physics and game model then seen in most commercial games. The project is currently being rebuilt from scratch in python, using the python-ogre bindings to the Ogre3d library for graphics, as well as SciPy and other python goodness for some of the math. While this is a 3d strategy game, graphics are not a priority: My current p

Caulker - A 3D Earth tile engine for MonoTouch

Caulker is a 3D Tile engine very similar to Google Earth. It was designed as an alternative to MapKit on the iPhone. Features: Pluggable tile system so you can use whichever TileSet fits your application. Caches tiles so that it can be used without a network connection. Caulker is still in its infancy. The goal was to have a mapping engine that utilized 3D cartesian math instead of projection math so augmented reality / game style rendering could be performed. It is meant to be a game engine tha