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A library of tools for doing computation in game theory.



Related Projects

PKCS#11 Wrapper for Python

PyKCS11: a complete PKCS#11 wrapper for Python, created using the SWIG compiler. The code is at

Termite - Erlang-style concurrency for Gambit Scheme

AboutTermite Scheme is a variant of Scheme intended for distributed computing. It offers a simple and powerful concurrency model, inspired by the Erlang programming language, which is based on a message-passing model of concurrency. There's a paper about Termite. It runs on top of Gambit-C, a very nice Scheme system developed by Marc Feeley at Université de Montréal. LicenseTermite is distributed under the terms of the LGPL license. Installation#1 Install the latest version of Gambit-C #2 Get

Catamonkey - A Big Project made by amateur programmers from Operation Catapult

Probably a game with elements from the games Gizmo's Gambit, Operation: Falling Ball, The Titleless Game of DOOM, Battle Pong, and "Group 10's Enigma".

Gambit-scgi - An SCGI library written in scheme for Gambit C

A library to handle scgi requests in scheme, intended to be used with Gambit-C ( Basic configurationVisit the introduction documentation.

Pysbm - Python part of SBM (Social Boundary Making)

Research Project in Social Boundary Making conducted at University of Mannheim. Uses python binding of the gambit game theory software.

Forgametheory - Find SDSE, WDSE, PSNE of strategic form games

# Input: A finite n-player strategic form game in GAMBIT format # Output: All strongly dominant strategies All weakly dominant strategies Strongly dominant strategy equilibrium, if one exists Weakly dominant strategy equilibrium, if one exists All pure strategy Nash Equilibria, if they exist

Win-control - OLE, Internet Explorer and raw windows automation library for Gambit-C on Windows plat

Inspired by Watir on Ruby, this library brings the same capabilities and more to the high-performing Gambit Scheme implementation. Now you can write automated test scripts or automate Windows application tasks in beautiful Scheme code and compile it all into a standalone exe file. Requires Gambit on a Windows platform and will also need MinGW if you want to build a standalone executable. It may work with MS Visual C++ but this has not been tested by the author. Like Watir, win-control allows you

Scheme-gtk-server - gtk-server binding for Gambit-c, Chicken, Stalin and Larceny scheme on windows

very basic gtk-server binding for Gambit-c, Chicken, Stalin and Larceny scheme on windows. Use gtk-server by dynamic call method. Hope it might be useful.

Mclide - Macintosh IDE for Lisp implementations on any platform

MCLIDE is a double-clickable, stand-alone development environment that connects to a Lisp either locally or through the network. It's like a combination of Slime with a modern GUI based IDE. MCLIDE 2.x runs on 64 bit OSX 10.6 and later. Download MCLIDE 1.x for 32 bit Mac OSX 10.6 or earlier.

Gambit-viewer - Gambit is a cross-platform viewer and analysis workbench for next-generation sequenc

Gambit is a new cross-platform GUI (graphical user interface) application for sequence visualization and analysis. Our software takes advantage of the indexing features of the (fairly) recently standardized BAM sequence alignment format that allows rapid access to genomic data, with minimal startup time and re-rendering delay. Gambit also supports a variety of annotation formats (BED, GFF, GFF3, VCF) “out-of-the-box� for displaying gene/region annotations as well as SNP entries. Gambit is cu