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Gallery4All is a simple and rapid dynamically generated thumbnail gallery made with PHPamp;MySQL. It can be easely integrated in your design and script. The pictures are structured in categories, urls can be generated with mod_rewrite



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Cuebox - CueBox is an image gallery viewer heavily based on Slimbox

CueBox is a JavaScript image gallery viewer that overlays images on the current page. Uses MooTools and it has been tested tested on all modern browsers. FeaturesFit-to-window mode, zip download of all images, gallery setup using Lightbox syntax (using rel attribute), open gallery button (for many images), configurable effects... Tested onFirefox 3.0.3 (Linux and Windows XP SP 2) Konqueror 3.5.9 (Linux) Safari 3.1.2 525.21 (Windows XP SP 2) Google Chrome (Windows XP SP2) IE 6.0 SP2 (W

Py-picturegallery - Create picture galleries from your flickr photos

Create offline browseable Galleries from flickr photosThis package started out as a backup script I ran regularly to recover my photos stored on flickr. ./ --cfg=/path/to/configwill crawl flickr for all sets and photos within sets in one account. As a first extension, I created html pages to browse the backup. Once the backup grew too big to fit on one cd, I had to come up with some scripts to create configurable portions of the backup. This is what this software does. ./ --cf


Generate you own gallery with thumbnails for the internet with this simple shell script. In the top of the script you have some things you can change (or not). All pages are HTML 4.0 and CSS compatible.

Lightwindow4asp - LightWindow Server Control for ASP.NET

LightWindow is a one-for-all modal window generator authored by Kevin Miller, based on prototype supporting iframed content, inline content and image galleries including the nice lightbox effect. For more info on usage and syntax go to the official demo page. lightwindow4asp (this project...) is an ASP.NET server control that wraps the LightWindow JavaScript component. To make it work you just need to register a TagPrefix for the LightWindowLink namespace using either the @Register directive or

Json-image-pagination - A jQuery Plugin to create an dynamic pagination with images

The goal of the plugin is to make the task of paging picture something simple and fast (very fast) in all client-side. Imagine that your thumbs gallery has over 2,000 images. How to make a layout of these images efficiently and quickly? The idea is based on 2 assumptions: 1.JSON is very fast. 2.Change the src of an object is much faster than creating a new object . The core of the plugin follows this idea. To operate, simply create a JSON object containing the name of the images. Change some pro

Smugworder - Bulk keyword renaming for the smugmug photo-hosting service.

Simple Python script that allows users to rename their keywords in bulk. Uses Python and the smugmug REST API. NOTE that I haven't used this in over 4 years, and it may very well have rotted. I just (November 6, 2011) received an email from someone who tried to use it, reporting a bug with a stacktrace ending in: AttributeError: No child element named 'Albums' But all is not lost! The person reporting the bug also found a workaround on the smugmug site itself: """ A little more searc

E-moodalbox - e-Moodalbox is an extended class for Mootools 1.2.3 or higher.

e-Moodalbox is an extended class for mootools 1.2.3 or higher.You can create classes inherited from class moodalbox. Use moodalbox to create forms, surveys, ads, galleries, etc.. Works under: Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2.x+, Safari 3+, Chrome 1.0 and Opera 9.5+ (on other browsers is possible that works too) Unobtrusive javascript New in version 0.5.2: Removed the language option that don't needed to run correctly Fixed a display little problem on All versions of Internet Explorer browser: bod

Easybox - Lightweight easy to use lightbox clone for jQuery

IntroductionEasyBox is a lightbox clone based on the light-weight Slimbox2 script. It offers a variety of additional features such as: displaying YouTube and Vimeo videos, displaying inline content, displaying iFrames and better animations For a detailed list of all EasyBox features, click here. What makes EasyBox different?detects aspect ratio and dimensions of videos displays an error message if the link is not found shrinks content to screen size preserves JavaScript events of inline elements

Cxtags - CXTags is a small 18kb class for CodeIgniter that provides a complete tagging system for mu

REQUIRES THE CODEIGNITER FRAMEWORK This class allows any table, and any type of system, to add, edit, and delete tags from any object/row without interfering with other tables that are also using tags. For example, say you have 58 articles on your blog and each have 2-4 tags attached to them. Now you add a "Image Gallery" to your site to showoff your photos. You want to "tag" each photo with some key words (city, dark, night) that will help people sort through all the images. With this class bot

Flitebox - Lightbox that reads from a Flickr set.

fliteBox is a lightbox for Flickr Photosets, dynamically built with JavaScript making calls to a PHP script. Demo fliteBox Demo Features Image Properties Author names, titles and descriptions entered in Flickr about your image will all carry over into fliteBox. Community Guidelines By linking back to Flickr fliteBox honors their Community Guidelines. Download fliteBox Beta Setup Apply for an API Key A key is required to access Flickr’s API. You may apply for one here: