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gallery2flickr is a plugin for the web-based Gallery2 software. It allows exporting image albums from Gallery to Flickr as well as importing photo sets or searches from Flickr into your gallery installation.



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Imagegallery - An ASP.NET control for publishing Image Galleries on the web.

ImageGallery is an ASP.NET control for publishing Image Galleries on the web. Functionality: Display an Image Gallery in Thumbnail View or in Mosaic View. Slideshow images, click on an image once all the images are loaded. Read Image Information using a Flickr Account. Cache Image Information in the local Web Application to improve performance. Requirements: ASP.NET 2.0 Web Server. A Flickr Account, Flickr API Key and Flickr User ID. Components: ImageGallery.Web: Access images from web folders (

Forcegalleryview - A jQuery driven gallery viewer.

A JavaScript gallery carousel component. The component uses GalleryView 2.0, a jQuery-driven image carousel. The images in the example are sourced using webservice calls to Flickr using the Apex programming language.

Flickrsetsbytag - Web Gallery: driven by Flickr, inspired by .mac

What is it?Searching for albums (and photos within albums) based on tags is very expensive via Flickr's API. This provides caching capabilities to speed up the process (and provide a gallery while it's at it)! Requires: phpFlickr 2.0.0 Lite.php Why was it made?My church, Gracepoint Fellowship Church, and its various campus groups utilizes Flickr as a photo repository. Since we have a bazillion of sets, all the other Flickr gallery frameworks (eg, Wordpress' FAlbum) are too slow and unable to kee

Py-picturegallery - Create picture galleries from your flickr photos

Create offline browseable Galleries from flickr photosThis package started out as a backup script I ran regularly to recover my photos stored on flickr. ./ --cfg=/path/to/configwill crawl flickr for all sets and photos within sets in one account. As a first extension, I created html pages to browse the backup. Once the backup grew too big to fit on one cd, I had to come up with some scripts to create configurable portions of the backup. This is what this software does. ./ --cf

Photo-album - Flickr photo album plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin pulls in Flickr photosets as albums into a WordPress site. This plugin also adds a new Photos tab to the admin post screen, which will allow you to easily insert a photo into your blog post with just a couple clicks. Example gallery Photo album implementation on a blog, generated by the plugin based on Flickr photosets Media bar icon The Flickr media bar, which allows you to easily blog your Flickr photos Choosing a Flickr photo to insert Popup window that allows you to cho

Jquery-flickr - jQuery Flickr plug-in is a JavaScript interface for Flickr Services API written on t

jQuery Flickr plug-in is a JavaScript interface for Flickr Services API written on top of the jQuery library. It's function is to process a Flickr API Standard Photo List returned in JSON and create a semantic gallery(unordered list) of thumbnail images(list items) with links to full size images. When combined with jQuery Litebox, a rich slide show, lightbox plug-in, jQuery Flickr provides a completely client-side solution, for integrating Flickr into your website, perfect for hosted blogs. no s

Ezpx-photoblog - full featured photoblog system (PHP, MySQL)

EZPX 1.2 beta - now with flickr modeNew features: flickr mode: just set your flickr user id and your flickr photos are displayed in EZPX RSS feed image gallery link related to uploaded photo photoblog title in settings create resized image on-the-fly (optional) hierarchical pages layout settings introduced photo view is saved to DB settings Check out the full feature list About EZPXEZPX is a lightweight yet full featured photoblog system based on Codeigniter application framework. It was written

Graffiti-slideshow - Graffiti Slide.Show Photo Gallery Plugin

Description:A set of Graffiti CMS plugins that render a Silverlight photo gallery on a post page. They use the the open source Slide.Show Silverlight photo gallery control. Versions:Version 1.2This is the most current version. Uses a slightly customized version of the improved Slide.Show2 control. Slide.Show2 is written in 100% managed code using Silverlight 2.0 and deployed as a XAB file. It requires Graffiti CMS 1.1 or above. This version currently contains two photo gallery plugins. The diffe

Pyorg - Photo organization and uploading with Python

The program does two things: renames and organizes downloaded photos uploads photos based their on Windows Vista tags An example workflow: download pics from camera to /pics/dump/ autorun pyorg to rename/organize to /pics/date/date-time-picphotoidnumber-camera.(JPG, CR2, or AVI) tag with Windows Photo Gallery or Windows Explorer (Vista needed) Edit in photoshop. (save edited files to /pics/date/edited) add "to publish" and album/set tags run pyorg to upload to flickr (photos will be tagged in fl

Flitebox - Lightbox that reads from a Flickr set.

fliteBox is a lightbox for Flickr Photosets, dynamically built with JavaScript making calls to a PHP script. Demo fliteBox Demo Features Image Properties Author names, titles and descriptions entered in Flickr about your image will all carry over into fliteBox. Community Guidelines By linking back to Flickr fliteBox honors their Community Guidelines. Download fliteBox Beta Setup Apply for an API Key A key is required to access Flickr’s API. You may apply for one here: