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Started as a home for Google Summer of Code participants working on Gallery in summer 2005, this project is now also a place for quot;unofficialquot; Gallery 2 modules to grow. Please email one of the admins if you would like to start work on a module here.



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gallery3-contrib - Community contributions to Gallery 3

Community contributions to Gallery 3

MvcContrib Template Gallery

This project is the MVC Template Gallery which is part of the MvcContrib project.

Django-photography - Photo management for Django

Django Photography is an application for photo collection: Include a photo in the collection. Modify the photo properties. Remove the photo from the collection. Present the collection. It can be seen in action in the gallery section of InstallationSee INSTALL.txt for requirements and general installation instructions. On Debian GNU/Linux — Etch or Lenny — you might prefer the provided installation packages. Install with dpkg: wget http://django-imagery.

Coppermine Contrib

Coppermine Contrib is a project that holds community supported plugins for Coppermine Photo Gallery ( Most of these projects are now out of date any new development will likely occur here:

Django-press - Wordpress reinvented in django

This project was inspired by byteflow and django-diario. Features Programmed Newform admin support Markdown & typogrify for posts and comments Threaded comments Pingbacks Directory pings Automated registration for user after comment posting (no anonymous users!) Registration approval/email change/profile edit Tags (and filtering posts by tag), possibility to have translated names for tags Display and feeds for intersection of tags (separated by +) or for union of tags (separated by '|') Archives

Ponyfolio - simple portfolio webpage with django.

ponyfoliofor coders, as we never have time to set up our own portfolios. It's a simple, quickly written django pluggable to setup a private and/or commercial portfolio. I made it overnight for myself, so for sure it's not perfect, but should do the job when you're in a need and hurry. requirementsDjango 1.0+ (developped on 1.2.0, but every 1.0+ should work) Sorl Thumbnail (for screenshots gallery) This app lets you run multiple portfolios (domains) on the

Django-imaging - AJAX driven gallery field for django junkies

This is a ready solution for a simple gallery field. Just add it to your model and you have a full blown ajax image upload, drag and drop reordering and relation management. The project is in very early stage - SEE LIMITATIONS below. ScreenshotYay, everybody wants to see the thing first, right? First imaging screenshot FeaturesEasy setup - just add the field to your model Ajax image upload/deletion Drag and drop photo reordering Easy to modify the Image model - no need to change the forms etc. A