Galleon TiVo Media Server

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Galleon is a home media server using TiVo's HME protocol.



Related Projects

Tioover - A small, perl-based program to automatically "suck" content from a Tivo system

This is a small project to automatically pull content from a Tivo system to another computer and use the TivoDecode program to decode it into a standard MPEG. It also can create the necessary metadata file for use with pyTivo. This project started as a personal work to get content from my Tivo without the need for the installation of the Tivo desktop software, Galleon, or any other such "big" program for such a small job. The purpose of hosting it on Google code is two-fold: 1. To give others ac

TiVo Movie Rental Plugin

A TiVo plugin to manage your online movie rentals. Amazon Unbox, NetFlix, and Blockbuster Online are currently supported. It uses HME to provide the TiVo interface and can either run standalone or as a plugin to Galleon.

Tivoaccess - TivoAccess is a python module for programmatically accessing your Tivo for downloads

Series 2 & 3 tivo's can be remotely accessed via http. Normally, this is done by the Tivo Desktop software. This module allows you to list and download videos from your Tivo using python, allowing you to script access to your tivo videos. Conceptually similar to Perl's Net::Tivo, though I didn't look at it very closely. Currently depends on BeautifulSoup for easy handling of the XML response from the Tivo. Also depends on avahi for mdns browsing to find the Tivo's on your network. You can specif

Ovitconverter - oViT is a windows desktop GUI for the TiVo File Decoder utility

A window's front end for the TiVo File Decoder utility that helps convert .tivo files into .mpeg2 files. With oViT running, download a .tivo file from TiVoToGo, Galleon, or any other TiVo network utility, and it will automatically be converted into a standard .mpeg2 file.

galleon - A ColdFusion Forum application

A ColdFusion Forum application

Galleon - JavaScript maps loader with Google Maps JavaScript API v3

JavaScript maps loader with Google Maps JavaScript API v3