Gale GUI Library

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Gale is a modern, header-only, cross-platform GUI library written in C++.



Related Projects

Pygale - A Python implementation of the Gale IM/chat protocol.

PyGale is a set of Python bindings to the Gale chat protocol. Several clients are written on top of it, including Fugu, vtFugu, and Yammer.PyGale was written by Tessa Lau and is currently maintained by John Reese.

Yammer - Web UI for the Gale chat system

Gale is an obscure public key cryptography chat system. Installing and running Gale for the first time is immensely complicated because of the public key authentication framework.Yammer is a Web UI written in Python on the Webware framework; itmakes it trivial to get started using Gale: you just create a useraccount and converse with the cranky denizens. Yammer takes care ofkey generation and distribution. All public conversation is stored inits database, as are your private messages, which are


Typhoon is a Gnome/Gtk+ front-end to the Gale messaging system.

Galenavi - i will navi forward gale forever

i will navi forward gale forever


Praya is a window to all your messages. It ships with many protocols, including DICT, IRC, gale, Maildir, a timer, and Yahoo! Pager. Praya is easily extendible. Adding new protocols is relatively straightforward. It has a modular architecture which makes

Galesgame - Bridge-it implementation

An attempt to implement Gale's topological game in c++

Jatetoolkit - Java Automatic Term Extraction toolkit - a library of state-of-the-art term extraction

NEWS: JATE 1.1 (added 2 new algorithms and made other small updates) released and available in downloads. Also a Wiki page is created for how to use JATE. JATE (Java Automatic Term Extraction) toolkit is a library with implementation of several state-of-the-art term extraction algorithms. It also provides a generic development and evaluation framework for implementing new term extraction algorithms. JATE is built based on the previous JATR library described in this paper: Zhang, Z., Iria, J., Br

Pjgame - PIxel Joint: the Game is a platform game with authentic pixel graphics.

The Current Project Status is "On Hold"This project is a collaboration between artists and developers as part of the community. The primary genre is platformer, sidescroller, run-and-jump, etc. The art will be made with pixel precision in such programs as Paint.NET, GraphicsGale, and GIMP. The code is C++ with OpenGL for graphics. Other libraries include TinyXML, GLEE, LodePNG, GLFT_Font, GLFW, CML, and FMOD. The primary target is Windows with a decent graphics card. Then it will

Php-vanilla - php script to execute "Vanilla aligner" at different levels (sentence and al

php-vanilla is a php toolbox to execute Vanilla aligner at different levels (sentences and alineas) on bi-text. It applies theese alignements on document from What do we want to do?This tools were written to evaluate the impact of the search space on alignment methods of sentences based on their lenghts. This way, we use an implementation of the Gale & Church algorithm (2) : Vanilla. Vanilla allows us to observe alignements across a bi-document, this alignements may involved two diffe