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User configurable space-invaders style game engine. Make it do anything you want, design your own ships, AI scripts, weapons, effects, and more.



Related Projects

Beyondthestars - Beyond the Stars: an interactive web-based strategy game

Beyond the stars is an interactive web-based strategy game where you control your own empire of galaxies, planets and star fleets. The project is maintained in PHP and is planned to run a java engine.

Phlame - Browsergame Engine

The new base for UGamela! Create your own (galaxy-)browsergame, even on your webspace. Join the network of UGamela games. As player, you can build in your own sunsystem, planets, structures, spaceships and a lot more. Battle for the best rank in the universe!

Turnengine-client - Turn Engine Client Libraries

The TurnEngine is a massively multiplayer turn-based strategy game engine. Create games of any size, the engine is capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of players in a single game. Highly configurable, all aspects of gameplay can be manipulated. Clients for a game can range from websites to mobile phone apps... This project includes all the libraries necessary to write a TurnEngine Client. Client API Downloads Client API Wiki Client API Javadoc Current Projects:

Hitchhikers-game - Game engine for graphic Interactive Fiction games

How about a port of Infocom's Hitchhiker's Guide for the Galaxy for QT4/C++ graphical environment? Of course, there are some licenses to comply, but the z-Code interpreters are terrible for today standards. Maybe we can mix that Interactive Fiction feeling with a still graphics, new three-button interface and some eye-candy.

Pygalaxy - Pygame utilities for easy 2D game creation

PyGalaxy is an open source library of useful functions that make creating 2D games in pygame easier. A sampling of features: graphics primitives load transparent and animated GIFs correctly framerate utilities sprite engine with many features dynamic music mixing (music heats up with more enemies) microphone input and pitch detection simple physics engine AI functions such as pathfinding and state machines interface with Wii Remote, use all the features of the WiiMote in your game Some of the pi

AGRanger - An AudioGalaxy client engine

AGRanger is an quot;UnOfficialquot; open source client engine, written in Java, that uses Audio Galaxy's peer to peer file sharing network. It has two user interfaces, a swing based ui and a command line based ui. It uses the 0.608 protocol

Massiveproject - Project of the engines of Massive Games

This is the project where the developers will implement the engine of the massive games such as massive galaxy or massive quest.

Platform-3d - a platform game engine

a gaming engine that has built in 3d first person camera and jumping power ups like super Mario galaxy or paper mario

Irrlicht-liquid-galaxy - Implements Network View Sync Into the Irrlicht Engine

The liquid galaxy project accepted my proposal to add network view sync to the open source graphics engine Irrlicht. This repository is here to allow my mentors to keep track of my progress. The project documentation can be found in the /doc directory and updates on my progress can be found here: If you have any questions about the project feel free to email me at

Liquid-galaxy - Immersive Google Earth

Liquid Galaxy is a cluster of computers running Google Earth to create an immersive experience. It started as a Google 20% project, and just kept growing! We built Liquid Galaxy installations in Google offices across the globe, and brought them to over a dozen different conferences. People liked it so much that we decided to share it. The latest public versions of Google Earth for Linux, Mac and Windows all include the features that make Liquid Galaxy work. This site documents how to use them, a