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XQuery processor implemented in Objective Caml



Related Projects


GyVe (GalaxY ViEwer) is a visualization program for understanding the distribution of galaxies and clusters of galaxies.

Igmtransmission - computes transmission curves through the intergalactic medium and the effect on ga

IGMtransmission is a Java graphical user interface that implements Monte Carlo simulations to compute the corrections to colours of high-redshift galaxies due to intergalactic attenuation based on current models of the Intergalactic Medium. The effects of absorption due to neutral hydrogen are considered, with particular attention to the stochastic effects of Lyman Limit Systems. The effect of the attenuation on the colours of galaxies is computed for a wide sample of filters and simulated galax

Xxicc - 21st Century Computing environment and GalaxC programming language

XXICC (21st Century Computing) is a not-for-profit research project which attempts to bring software design into the 21st Century using an improved programming language and a Reduced Software Complexity philososphy. Its goal is to improve software productivity by a factor of 2-10 (or more) by making it easier to write and maintain software. XXICC is pronounced “Chicken Coop�, so-called because it has so many layers. XXICC’s GalaxC programming language narrows the gap between problem domain

B51-galax-ii - Projet de développement de système - B51

Jeu multi-joueurs sur IP/HTTP de type RTS, en temps réel (en secondes)

B51-orion - Jeu rts intergalactique

Jeu développé dans le cadre d'un projet des étudiants au cvm (Cégep du Vieux Montréal) inspiré de Master of Orion

Galaxyengine - Cocoa game development package for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

GALAXY ENGINE PROJECT IS CLOSING! READ FULL ARTICLE ON JAM Studios' blog Documentation You can find the documentation here. You might also want to read some of the pages on the wiki if you are looking at iPhone or iPad. If you get lost, you can email us at What is Galaxy Engine? Galaxy Engine is a complete game development package for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It is programmed in Cocoa and uses the OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenAL libraries to give you a powerful core w


Galax chat software is a simple opensource application for chatting written in Python and using Qt for UI and features.


creates a simple 2D visualization of a 3D data set


Prototypes for desktops itself, written in python even though the actual will be in C++.