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Galago is a presence distribution framework for desktops. It receives presence information from instant messengers, video conferencing software, SIP phones, etc. and allows applications, such as e-mail clients, to display it next to people's names.



Related Projects

Galagosearch - Galago Search Toolkit

Galago is a search engine toolkit. It is useful for learning about search engines and experimenting with new search techniques. Galago includes TupleFlow, a MapReduce-like distributed computing framework.

Lineclock - Desktop clock in form of line

SummaryLineClock - desktop clock shaped in the form of line LineClock uses representation of time as a straight line. Sometimes it's handy to see what event would take place in half an hour as a point on time line. And here it is. Events may be set by clicking on time line or by editing them in a dialog. RequirementsPython 2.5+ ( PyGTK 2.12+ ( pynotify ( Also some console audio player is needed to play alarm sound. aplay or mplayer

Ama-desktop-linux - A Complete OS based on Ubuntu and Debian that uses Google Technology.

The OS can be configured to use 'Web Based' applications and Google is the best web application that can be integrate into the desktop. From Office, Groupware, and RSS Reader. It also uses the best on today's Linux technology, like Avahi Network Presence, Galago Desktop Presence, NetworkManager, Beagle Desktop Search, Mono. It features ease of sharing, communication and information delivery.It also feature elegance in design, and uses the latest GNOME Desktop.The OS will be used on more than 300

Glago - small web server

small web server. (it's still an embrio. don't know the gestation period. have patience)

eds-feed - Galago feed for Evolution Data Server

Galago feed for Evolution Data Server

gnome-presence-applet - Presence applet from the Galago project

Presence applet from the Galago project