GAL Gestione Aziendale Libera

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Web-based business accounting software, written using the ruby on rails framework, primary designed for italian laws and regulations



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Phogaldotnet - PhoGal.NET is a Photo gallery for the .NET platform.

PhoGal.NET is a Photo gallery for the .NET platform. Key faetures: -

Lattice-adaptive-filters-dyplom - Filtracja adaptacyjna, algorytmy GAL oraz LSL

Kody do pracy magisterskiejGradient Adaptive Lattice and Least-Squares LatticeMatlab, C, CudaC

galsC compiler

galsC is a compiler for a new language (based on nesC, which is based on C) to support the TinyGALS (Globally Asynchronous, Locally Synchronous) programming model. This compiler is designed to work with the TinyOS project.

Pygalkin - Python Tools for handling Astronomical 3D Data

3D-data in Astronomy means 2 spatial dimensions and one spectral dimension, i.e. having a spectrum for each pixel of your 'image'. This code is a loose collection of tools that uses numpy, pylab (former matplotlib) and scipy to handle these 3D-data, perform various operations on them and visualise them. Interactive classes are provided for manually manipulating certain routines. The main use is to measure the kinematics of galaxies (therefore the name PyGalKin), both from Fabry-Perot observation

Simgal - Paprasta paveikslėlių galerija (Simple Image Gallery - SImGal)

Paprasta paveikslėlių galerija sukurta siekiant kelių tikslų: atidirbti darbo su Subversion metodiką esant labiau išbarstytai ir kiek didesnei žmonių grupei, praktiškai įsisavinti Google App Engine for Java (GAE) ir Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Projektas yra daugiausia yra skirtas Lietuviškai auditorijai. Simple Image Gallery (SImGal) on Google App Engine for Java.


GalAxML is an alternative front end for viewing photo albums greated by the popular 'Gallery' project. It can be powered by a CGI script or via AxKit.