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Gabriel is a simple client-server software that allows applications to create remote D-Bus connections over SSH.



Related Projects

Gabe-test - Gabriel Testing Project

Gabriel Testing Project for Google Code

Skejula - A schedule made in java

Skejula will be a desktop schedule application made in java. Team:Cleber Gonçalves de Sousa: cgs.ccc AT gmail.comGabriel Assis Bezerra: gabriel.bezerra AT gmail.comTiago Almeida Reul: reul.tiago AT gmail.comVitor Morato Almeida: vitor.morato.almeida AT

Soa-td-2010 - Projeto de integração SOA em Buscadores de Imagem

Projeto de integração SOA em Buscadores de Imagem, que é o tema do projeto de TD, dos aluno Rafael Alves Pizzi, Carlos Ferros e Lúcio Gabriel Oliveira, orientados pelo Prof. Enzo Seraphim.

Stations - Students Project in Ruby On Rails

Gas StationsDescriptionThis project is the first try with ruby on rails of 4 students of EPU (Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire) Nice-Sophia Antipolis. This is a scrapped web site from FunctionalitiesThis project present in a web 2.0 style the official web site Main functionalities : Mash up with google maps Charts presentation Statistics REST interface. Avaible Language : French Gas Stations Location : French AuthorsBouyoud Julien Guy Gabriel Hossen Karim Mart

It-fs-fsm - A lightweight Java implementation for finite state machines.

This library can be used whenever a finite state machine (FSM) Java implementation is needed. It contains classes, interfaces and annotations to represent activities, states (with entering and leaving activities), transitions (with associated activities). A factory method is provided in order to create a new FSM. The work is derived from an article on Gabriele Carcassi's blog at

Unity-path-finding - Implementations of different pathfinding algorithms for Unity 3D in C# Sharp

We are seeking to test some algorythms for their use in multi-agent pathfinding for shooter games (first or third person) drived by our Intelligent Systems Course in our Computer Science Master. We will implement them in Unity for the sake of simplicity to program the 3D graphics part. We are using Unity 3D v3.2f4 Development by: Alejandro Flores Gabriel Jiménez.

GK3 Tools

The GK3 Tools project is a collection of tools and utilities useful for viewing and modifying the Gabriel Knight 3 data files.