GMail API for Java

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G4J is a set of API that communicate to GMail. Use this API to login, retrive/search/browse message, download attachment and do others action on GMail account! An email application (Gmailer for java) is included to demonstrate the usage of the API.



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Timeago is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to support automatically updating fuzzy timestamps (e.g. "4 minutes ago").

Chainsaw - log viewer and analysis tool

Chainsaw is a companion application to Log4j written by members of the Log4j development community. Chainsaw can read log files formatted in Log4j's XMLLayout, receive events from remote locations, read events from a DB, it can even work with the JDK 1.4 logging events.

slf4j - Simple Logging Facade for Java

The Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) serves as a simple facade or abstraction for various logging frameworks (e.g. java.util.logging, logback, log4j) allowing the end user to plug in the desired logging framework at deployment time.

Grapheme to Phoneme Forge

Use our tools to hand edit phonetic word dictionaries for speech recognition engines. The new G2P4J format supporting SAMPA and Kirshenbaum IPA is portable to Sphinx, Julius and others. Demo medical, legal and technical dictionaries are featured.

Trigger Rally

Trigger gameplay videos:

Hyves4g - Hyves connector plugin for groovy

Hyves connector plugin for groovy, based on Hyves4J

F4g - J2EE forum for Google App Engine

J2EE forum for Google App Engine based on JForum

Tuio4j - A TUIO client library for Java

What is TUIO4j ?TUIO4j is a java client library for the TUIO protocol. Installation instructionDownload and unzip Include tuio4j_v1.1.jar into your java class path. That's it. Have a look at in folder src/example to get started. FAQWhich TUIO providers can be used together with TUIO4j ? Since tuio is a standardized protocol, any compliant TUIO data source should work together with TUIO4j. TUIO4j v1.1 supports the profiles 2DCursors and 2DObjects (e.g. for fiducial

Proxy4j - Dynamic Proxying and Remoting in Java

Proxy4J is designed for creating dynamic proxies in Java with a high degree of flexibility, both in the implementation of the proxying itself as well as in the style of the proxy. Currently Proxy4J supports the following proxy styles: Virtual Proxies. Also known as delegation proxies, these proxies simply pass the method invocation directly to the "real subject", which may have some indirection in how it is created or fetched (e.g. the classic lazy-loading proxy). Invocation Handlers. These are