G3 - Bittorrent Client

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Objective: To create the most visually appealing as well as feature rich bittorrent based application. It aims to provide a gross amount of statistical and network data in a visually empowered format.




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Unworkable - Unworkable is a BSD-licensed BitTorrent implementation written by Niall O'Higgins.

Unworkable is a single threaded and asynchronous BitTorrent implementation, written in portable ANSI C using libevent and mmap() for performance. Unworkable is developed primarily under OpenBSD, however it has been written with portability in mind and should compile and run out of the box on at least: Various Linux flavours FreeBSD 6.2 Mac OS X (both PPC and i386) Solaris 10 Windows XP (cygwin) I go out of my way to use slower, harsher platforms for development (e.g. old sparc64, g3 macppc, arm

Superpodder - Barbone Lightweight Java Podcast (GUI) Client

SuperPodder is a barebones podcast downloader written as an alternative to other more complex podcast / feed applications. SuperPodder is meant to be simple and basic. Easy to use, manage and monitor. Feeds are managed in a simple xml based file which can be edited with your favorite editor. Superpodder uses multiple rss libraries to try and download your latest podcasts ordered by most recent time/date (aka catchup). You can decide how to categorize podcasts, creating a specific ordering that i

Treasure Land

TreasureLand is a P2P filesharing client. It will be able to search and share all kinds of file formats with meaningful description. And, It supports all kinds of file format (e.g. *.torrent, *.jpg, *.mp3, *.avi) with meaningful description.

Snarltraynotifications - Application to redirect default Windows system tray balloon notifications t

snarltraynotifications - Snarl Tray Notifications Snarl Tray Notifications is a companion app to Snarl, the Growl-like notification system for Windows. It captures notification messages from all of your system tray apps, and re-displays the notifications using Snarl's better-looking pop-up balloons. Installation: Download and install Snarl from http://www.fullphat.net/index.php Download and install the latest build from the "Featured downloads" section of this site. (see right hand column) Done!

Pyfm - flat-line framework for managing financial information from many sources and formats

A 3account is a new incarnation of this project using standard semantic web tools. The problem and its solutionWant to store all your financial data in digital form? Download statements where you can, scan letters (OCR them if it works), or just type transcripts of phone calls. But now what? How do you manage this torrent? Running a search on all the data does not always work: each document has its own structure and idiosyncrasies, some download formats are not directly readable, the same securi

Itransmission - iTransmission, a native BitTorrent client on iOS

iTransmission is a native BitTorrent client on iOS, uses libtransmission as its backend. UPDATENEW: I'm sorry that I haven't been updating it for a long time. It turns out school burdened me a lot more than I expected. I cannot promise any further commitment on this project. If anyone would like to maintain a newer version, he or she should do so by forking iTransmission from github.com/ccp0101/iTransmission. The old version has several flaws that do NOT exist in new version. Make sure you fork

Pipesandblobs - graphical collaborative brainstorming

pipes and blobs is a new kind of collaborative brainstorming tool. CURRENT STATUS: connects to database, displays graphics frame. (version 0.0.5) 0.0.6 planed features: draw line, draw circle 0.0.7 draw line, circle, multi line text the controls are designed to be very easy to learn. click to select a blob. double click a pipe or blob to destroy it. pipes are like elastic bands and are shorted when linking bigger blobs. collide 2 blobs to create a new pipe linking them. select a blob to edit the


Consolidate torrent distributed files (e.g. Debian ISOs) and place them into an S3 API compatible backing store