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Ragamroll - A tool to notate and render Traditional Indian Music

Click on screenshot below to see a video snippet of RagaM Roll in action Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Ni are the seven syllables that are used in the solfa system of Indian Music ( Carnatic and Hindustani ). They are called swara ( note ). Sa is the tonic note, and is not fixed in pitch. Typically it is set to match the pitch of one of the 12-EDO steps and the remaining notes fall in place depending on the Raga chosen. Indian music is traditionally learnt by listening and imitating the teacher, because it

Erl-pipes - An implementation of Hartmann pipelines in Erlang

This project has moved to implementation of Hartmann pipelines in Erlang. In short, they are extensions of the usual Unix pipes that allow building graphs of programs and thus one can implement a full data-flow environment. Code example with current API, counting the number of lines in a file containing "=" and the number of lines that don't contain it: P1 = pipes:pipe(cat, [FileName]), P2 = pipes:pipe(lines), P4 = pipes:pipe(grep, ["="]), P3 = pipes:pipe(cou

G2-dataliberation - Allows you to extract you album/photo information from a Gallery 2 / G2 database

Gallery 2 (, aka. G2, is going to its grave and Gallery 3 (G3) is not moving forward (stuck at release candidate 1 with +80 bugs to fix since mid February 2010). Maybe its time to move to another solution, but what about all the text you have written to your many photos, as well as the nice album hierarchy you have built? This projects makes it easy to "harvest" the G2 database for album and photo descriptions/titles/summaries as well as album hierarchies, so that you

Fusion-lang - A powerful high level programming language that merges several feature from Ruby, Pyth

Fusion is a powerful high level programming language that merges several feature from Ruby, Python, Java, C++, Haskell, Pascal, Visual Basic, in a only language. It’s implemented by a compiler written in Haskell that transform Fusion code in Ruby code. It’s probable that in the near future the code will be compiled in various agile programming languages, like Python or PHP. However, at the moment we’re focusing the attention only on Ruby. Sample program written in FusionImplementations of

Gfh-araci - Gelişmiş Fiziksel Hesaplama Aracı

Açıklama: gfh-araci(Gelişmiş Fiziksel Hesaplama Aracı), fiziksel cisimler için hesaplama yapan basit bir bilgisayar uygulamasıdır. 0.2 Sürümü Hazır! 3'ü 2 boyutlu, 3'ü 3 boyutlu olmak üzere toplam 6 cisimde hesaplama yapabiliyorsunuz. Bu tüm hesaplamaları görsel olarak görüp, değerleri değiştirip otomatik hesaplama yapabiliyorsunuz. Her değeri seçtiğinizde otomatik sizin için hesaplama ve çizimi yapıyor. Ayrıca "G" butonuna basarak bütün sürümleri görebilirsini

Gwt-g3d - 3D library for GWT

Announcement1/6/12 The code license has been changed from Apache 2.0 to to GNU GPL v2. See for the reason why this is necessary. 3/29/11 Version 0.07 is released. This release compatibility issue with GWT 2.2. 10/20/10 Version 0.06 is released. This release includes some bug fixes for the previous releases. There is no major interface change. 8/6/10 Version 0.05 is released. This release updates the API to match the current specification, so so

Pynetmony-pc-tool - PyNetMony Database Management Tool

IntroductionPyNetMony PC-Tool is a tool to view and edit all datafiles created by PyNetMony. You can add and delete entries, gather address-information/cell-tower-coordinates and export all database-entries with valid coordinates to Kismet-CSV (only WLAN-database) or Google-Maps-compatible KML-files. DetailsSupported filetypes (import): PyNetMony-WLAN-Database 2G/3G CLF (Version 2, which PyNetMony uses) PyNetMony-Bluetooth-Database PyNetMony 2G/3G Logfiles (PyNetMony 1.10.0 or higher required) P

Emus-encryption-tool - Emu's Encryption Tool is a java app and library to encrypt and decrypt da

Emu's Encryption ToolReadme1. Whats this tool about?Emu's Encryption Tool is an application that encrypts text using polyalphabetic methods used in the middle ages. Because there are no mathematical functions or formulas the encrypted texts can't be cracked using bruteforce attacks or other password cracking methods used in IT security. The texts are encrypted with random codes and fixed passwords but can also be used as an One-Time-Pad (OTP) which uses extreme long random passwords and codes an

Ctypes-glpk - A Python wrapper for GLPK using ctypes

ctypes-glpk is a Python module which encapsulates the functionality of the GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK). The GLPK allows one to specify linear programs (LPs) and mixed integer programs (MIPs), and to solve them with either simplex, interior-point, or branch-and-cut algorithms. The goal of ctypes-glpk is to give one Python access to all documented functionality of GLPK. Advantages Complete access to all documented functionality of GLPK, up to version 4.33 No installation or compiler required

Del2pub - Post your delicious entries to your blog via Atompub (RFC 5023)

Introductiondel2pub is python based tool that allows you to synchronize your delicious postings with your blog. It allows you to customize how your delicious postings will look and be grouped when posted to your blog. It consists of 3 separate command line tools a. d2p_get - A tool that is used to poll and download the latest posts to your delicious account b. d2p_transform - This tool takes the downloaded delicious entries as a source and converts them into atom entries c. d2p_post - Posts the