G3D Content Pak Project

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If you're looking for the original G3D engine, it's moved to g3d.sourceforge.net This is project to hold/create content including other shaders, models, and demos for that. (And maybe other snippets you're willing to share, just post) Include an acce




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Yaml-cpp - A YAML parser and emitter for C++

yaml-cpp is a YAML parser and emitter in C++ matching the YAML 1.2 spec. To get a feel for how it can be used, see How To Parse A Document or How to Emit YAML. Problems?If you find a bug, post an issue! If you have questions about how to use yaml-cpp, please post it on http://stackoverflow.com and tag it yaml-cpp. Recent Releaseyaml-cpp 0.3.0 has been released! This is a collection of minor bug fixing releases. New API!yaml-cpp is migrating to a new API! The idea, as they say, is to make the eas

Osgboostpython - boost.python bindings for OpenSceneGraph

boost.python bindings for OpenSceneGraph. Hand-written to hopefully be more optimized, and also to be able to offer a more python-esque view of the OSG data structures. See the README.txt file in the sources for how to build and use the wrappers. They are still very much a work in progress, but basic things work well. For example, we can translate osg::createTexturedQuadGeometry() which is in src/osg/Geometry.cpp almost literally to Python: # As a test of the capacity to create osg::Geometry thr

Lambast - Futured programming language

Présentation du langage LAMBAST est un langage de programmation permettant la programmation sous de multiples paradigmes comme, par exemple, la programmation procédurale, la programmation orientée objet et la programmation générique. mais qui se caractérise par une syntaxe claire, rigoureuse et facilitant la structuration des programmes . il sera utilisé principalement dans les applications scientifiques, industrielles, et éducative . LAMBAST doit devenir un des langages de programmation

Pysensor - collect, filter, and distribute acceleration sensor data collected from mobile devices (e

PySensor is an environment to work with acceleration sensor data as emitted by mobile devices such as the Nokia N95/N97 or Android G1. Acceleration data and keypress data is sent to a server (PC) where further processing, logging, recording, and visualization of the data is made possible. The data is then distributed to a client application. Optionally, the client application may send image data at any rate and the device retrieves these images as fast as possible; images may be dropped. Recorde

Effoaddon - Effo Add-ons (e.g. Libs and/or Components) for the Effo Project or other C/C++ design an

Effo Home | Core | NetMsg | Framework | GPLed | Reports What's NewBug Fixing: 2009Dec16, Fixed a critial bug which may cause every stage having long response time - in codebase/addons/staged/src/staged.cpp, function CStaged::Run(). See Download Effo Addon part of this page for following new item(s) details: 1. Effo Add-ons Milestone (Latest v0.1b6) - addon.tar.bz2 2. Effo Add-ons References (Latest Rev 1.0) - EffoAddons.pdf 3. Effo Design - Interface Oriented and Reusable Software in C (Latest R

Effonetmsg - The Effo Network & Messaging project; network communication and messaging.

Effo Home | Core | Add-ons | Framework | GPLed | Reports What's NewBug Fixing: 2009Dec05, Fixed a critial bug which causes CPU always busy - in codebase/addons/net/src/core/thrd.cpp, function CEpollThrd::OnRun() - by sleeping a short while if the queue is empty. See Download Effo NetMsg part of this page for following new item(s) details: 1. Effo NetMsg Milestone (Latest v0.1b6) - netmsg.tar.bz2 2. Effo NetMsg Framework Samples (Latest v0.1b6) - netmsg_framework.samples.tar.bz2 3. Effo Network a

Shooting-cubes - a puyo-like game

We have moved to: http://code.google.com/p/cubeat/ a puyopuyo-like game (actually looks more like Panel de Pon, Meteos and Lumines). It now has a formal name: CuBeat (which stands for cube + beat) developed by: The Team of Project Shooting Cubes Lead Design: segafankwl a.k.a KWL (林�葦) Lead Art: puivujh (林��) Programming I (Game Model, Ruby, and things that don't have something to do with graphics): godfat 真常 (林�欣) Programming II (Wiimote, 3D Engine, Visual Effects, things t

Sibefs - Simple Filesystem Benchmark

Sibefs - Simple Filesystem Benchmark Options: -d Directory to test, by default current directory is used -m RAM to use by sibefs. This is size of one block for read/write command -f Minimum file size -F Maximum file size -r Number of test repeats -q Disk space to use -s Use fsync() after write each file. Benchmark scenario: 1. Create and write n=q/(size*2) files 2. Make a copy of n files 3. Read n files 4. Delete 2*n files (original and cop) 5. Calculate size=0.5*size 6. Go to step 1 Examples: s

Angle-fullscreen - Fork of Angle project with fullscreen support

A fork of the Angle project, adding fullscreen support and extending the es utilities a little. Fullscreen support means that you can enable your applications to support Nvidia 3D-Vision while staying with OpenGL ES code instead of DirectX! Nvidia supports OpenGL in conjunction with Nvidia 3D-Vision only on costly Quadro cards. This fork allows you to use 3D-Vision on consumer cards as well (within the limits of OpenGL ES 2.0). All newly added code is also under the New BSD license, use it for w

Fault - 异常构造工具

fault是一个在Linux下用�构造程�异常的工具。它通过在程��行时动�地替�原函数实现�改�程�的逻辑,替�函数�以写在程�里,也�以独立编译�共享库�加载。支�任�的函数替�,包括共享库函数(如系统函数)�Lib库函数和程�自定义函数。�以很方便地用�异常测试,�时工具�供了针对于系统函数的默认异常集,支�API和命令行两�异常的控制方�。 Instal