Gnome 2 applet simplified

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Gnome 2 applet simplified is an athempt to make it easier to write gnome 2 panel applets and to port windowmaker applets. It is a library/skelleton that provides the most common functions that you need when you write gnome 2 panel applets. g2as apple



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SKdOAEneFyg= a+JRyt1wKEq2x0rie5rin3HsbcaJ7LhYU9qUmQt/cyNx2eBuiFYdPHKC18zuqP86t6+lKQ8qfiX/ gB7eE9x+ttVEE9vvIi/16QMRQMvM9l/MXwieDPdEUy7wbnj2IjhmpdtIqci984wa4PNgUV7GTPjd YbWg3HvGmtH9ULByhxg0bVjSMa2+MNEEwo3beXVOfh7mTGlr0k1jTfCqIprupa9bSm8OBRQsr0Db 3sQzAS6J3Rw0AboUrTNAiWRFhizDEEwgElcusORnhrS/+MycA2VqrXolMW8YPs87xOT9JwB3HZ1W fjUIZF/7eiXbPQ5/vbCxMT8r2u/raC6Rqs5mSSr+g8uRJMNDRSUgJmIwd2o= vRCYvQIMCOo= a+JRyt1wKEq2x0rie5rin3UvSGOhKi4woWgduZfn2omUgzgWXxonFanUqjEF+aLiWTYj/GhX7l/s T17nEQgs1yCwUqO6zbua82b62K/r

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Welcome to the query-path incubation class project on google code! general requirementslicensingdescriptionbasic usageadvance usageClass FunctionsIncubate()asObjectCloneFrom()asObjectFrom()Class ObjectsEventsqueryIncubator::Event FunctionssetEvent()dropEvent()count()Error ReportingDonation general requirementsPHP Version: >5.0 ( recommended ) licensingThis code is open source and orginally create by Matthias Kaschubowski ( me ). If possible credit my work at your projects or webpages. descriptio