The G27 Project

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We're creating web software for music fans and musicians to use to support their local bands. See to see it in action.



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JMEDS (Java Multi Edition DPWS Stack)

JMEDS is a lightweight, modular extendable Java Framework for DPWS.

Argparse - Python command line parsing

The argparse module is now part of the Python standard library!All new development on argparse will continue in the Python repository. Get Python 2.7 or 3.2 for the latest argparse updates! Additionally, there is an effort to maintain an argparse package here: it is based on the python 2.7 stdlib code, backported to older python versions provides argparse for everybody who still needs to support python < 2.7 provides argparse >= 1.2 under Python license to fix license compatibility issues (e.g.

Java-location-data-converter - Simple java library to convert iPhone location data into a CSV file f

The java location data converter is a simple java utility that converts iPhone location data into a CSV file for e.g. OpenHeatMap. You can read more about the location data that is used at the following URL:

Pys60dict - A dictionary browser for S60 3rd edition phones

ABOUTpys60dict is a browser for dictionaries in 'dictd' format written in Python. Files in this format are e.g. available from, WordNet, Jargon and lots of other places. The program can handle large dictionaries (e.g. WordNet, > 150.000 index entries, 8.5 MB compressed data, > 27MB uncompressed) quite well and quite fast, because its use of the 'dictzip' library and binary compiled indices. LICENSEsee LICENSES and COPYING REQUIREMENTSA device running S60 3rd edition. For this

Les-indemodables - Regroupement de jeux connus en console.

Les jeux indémodables est ensemble de jeux codés en C (dont une partie en Python2.7 en ce qui concerne la génération automatique de quelques fichiers comme le Makefile) par un petit groupe de personnes. Tous les jeux sont en console et utilisent Curses (pdcurses pour windows). Le son est géré par SDL_Mixer. Prochainement, réécriture des Jeux Indémodables : Nouvelle gestion du son Gestion des événements Affichage des menus en jeu ... Nous sommes sur IRC : :

Jlite - A lightweight Java API and command-line interface for gLite

DescriptionjLite is a Java library providing simple API for accessing gLite based grid infrastructure. It is intended for Java developers who struggle with gLite middleware and want to reduce time and effort needed to build a cross-platform grid application on top of the EGEE grid infrastructure. jLite also includes a command-line interface which can be used as a simple cross-platform alternative to gLite User Interface on Windows and other operating systems. Existing Java APIs for gLite are sca

Moshimoshi - Open-source VoIP Bot

Moshi Moshi is a VoIP Bot written in Python that uses SIP as VoIP Protocol, Text-to-speech engines for Output, and DTMF Tones for Input. It is part of a talk ("Sounds Like Botnet") given at DEF CON 19 and BSidesLV 2011 on VoIP Botnets by Itzik Kotler and Iftach (Ian) Amit. Dependencies: Core: - Python 2.7+ (download from - SIP SIMPLE Client (download from Extras: - catdoc (download from - Text-to-speech en

niveau acts as a graphical add-on view for the command line to display things your xterm can&#39;t.

NIVEAU - Niveau Information Visualization Engine And Uhhmmm.... You are a coder or power user. You prefer the command line, hate the mouse. Your tools are minimalistic window managers, a highly configured and customized environment. You install addons so that your browser will behave like vim... And yet... sometimes you fire up a traditional file manager just because it has features like thumbnails to sort your photos, or get an overview of the latest episodes of your favorite show. niveau helps

Osgilab - KnowHowLab - useful OSGi knowledge source

The idea of the project to provide OSGi tools and implementation of OSGi APIs that are not available (e.g. MonitorAdmin, JMX) in the other open-source projects and some experiments with OSGi core API. News 2011-05-18: OSGi Universal shell adapters 1.1.0 are released 2011-04-02: OSGi Universal shell adapters 1.0.1 are released 2010-07-28: OSGi MonitorAdmin 1.0.2 bundle is released. 2010-07-09: OSGi JMX Management Model 1.0.2 bundle is released. 2010-07-01: domain was moved to knowhowl

Coilmq - Lightweight Python STOMP message broker.

CoilMQ is a simple, configurable STOMP message broker (aka STOMP server) written in Python. This project is inspired by the simple design of the Ruby stompserver project by Patrick Hurley and Lionel Bouton. The goal of this project is to provide a well-tested and well-documented Python implementation with a good set of built-in functionality and numerous paths for extensibility. Now!shell$ easy_install CoilMQshell$ coilmq -b -p 61613Jump over to Getting Started Guide for the slightly lon