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** Note: This projected has been halted. Please join #lg4l @ irc.freenode.net for more info.** A system of libraries and utilities to operate the Logitech G19 Gaming keyboard in linux and related operating systems.




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django-python-libmemcached is a django wrapper for python-libmemcached

django-python-libmemcached is a django wrapper for python-libmemcached This package defines set of memcached backends to a simple API. Client code should not access a memcached backend directly; instead it should either use the "memcached_client" variable made available here, or it should use the get_memcached() function made available here. get_memcached() takes a backend URI (e.g. "memcached://") and returns an instance of a backend memcached class. To use Memcached with Django

My-log-1 - Minecraft Log1

2011-07-19 19:26:43 INFO Forcing save.. 2011-07-19 19:26:43 INFO Save complete. 2011-07-19 19:26:45 INFO Stopping the server.. 2011-07-19 19:26:45 INFO Unknown console command. Type "help" for help. 2011-07-19 19:26:45 INFO Stopping server 2011-07-19 19:26:45 INFO FalseBookBlock v0.87alpha DEV#2 by GeMo disabled 2011-07-19 19:26:45 INFO bZone has been disabled! 2011-07-19 19:26:45 INFO FalseBookChat v0.87alpha DEV#2 by GeMo disabled 2011-07-19 19:26:45 INFO Permissions (Yeti) saving data... 2011

Extmdb - An extension to gvSIG Desktop GIS to read GeoMedia® MDB warehouses.

IntroductionextMDB is an extension for gvSIG Desktop, the Open Source GIS (http://www.gvsig.gva.es) promoted by the the Valencian Government, for accessing data stored by Intergraph GeoMedia® in MS Access (MDB) format, easily loading geometries and related data by using the well-known "Add layer" interface available in gvSIG. Prerequisites:Windows operating system (not tested on Vista, Windows 7) Linux operating system (tested on Ubuntu) gvSIG 1.9 (tested also on gvSIG OADE 2010 Beta 2) Install

Ip-country-translator - Country look up for an IP address using splay tree

Modified Splay tree implementing country look up using IP address Author: Chetan Nichkawde Email: chetan.nichkawde@gmail.com Date: February 19, 2009 IP address ranges are organised into splay tree nodes with the average of lower and upper limit range as the key. The value at the node is tuple with lower limit of the range, upper limit of the range, country code and country name as elements. e.g. (3582623744L, 3582631935L, 'FI', 'FINLAND') The 32 bit IP address is translated into integer value. T

Moshimoshi - Open-source VoIP Bot

Moshi Moshi is a VoIP Bot written in Python that uses SIP as VoIP Protocol, Text-to-speech engines for Output, and DTMF Tones for Input. It is part of a talk ("Sounds Like Botnet") given at DEF CON 19 and BSidesLV 2011 on VoIP Botnets by Itzik Kotler and Iftach (Ian) Amit. Dependencies: Core: - Python 2.7+ (download from http://www.python.org) - SIP SIMPLE Client (download from http://sipsimpleclient.com/) Extras: - catdoc (download from http://freshmeat.net/projects/catdoc/) - Text-to-speech en

Kaplan - Basic ORM Library for PHP

KAPLAN - PHP ORM Library Kaplan bir PHP ORM kütüphanesidir. En basit amaç ile kalıcı nesneleri veritabana Insert, Update, Delete işlemlerini yapmak ve nesnesel olarak Sorgulama yapabilmektir. Kaplanın nesnesel sorgulama diline KQL adını verdik. Kaplanı geliştirmede Java ORM aracı olan Hibernate'ti örnek alıyoruz. Kaplan şuan için çok yeni bir proje olmakla beraber (19 Ocak 2009 Tarihinde başlandı.) PHP 5 OOP yapısına göre kodlanmaktadır. Açık Kaynak bir proje olacağı i

Pygpslog - A GPS logger for S60 3rd editition phones

ABOUTpygpslog is a GPS logger for S60 smartphones that uses Nokia's internal location and landmarks API and thus can co-exist with other navigation applications (e.g. Nokia Maps) running at the same time. It's features include Record data in standard GPX or OziExplorer format. Easy marking of waypoints (with or without confirmation). Easy marking of six different track segment types (e.g. speed limits). The usual: Data view, Satellite View, Compass View... Simultaneous logging and navigation (e.

Pytoolkits - python toolkits

Python toolkit for Windows, Linux, and Symbian IntroductionThis project is created to host some useful programs for Linux, Windows, Symbian. The implement language is Python. ContentswxPKUIPGW: A client to login IP gateway of Peking University. ZipDir: A tool to zip a directory with result size limit and index. HiBaiduAlbumDownloader: A tool to download images from baidu space. WindowsWindowsTime: A tool to show how long a windows has been installed. SymbianpkuIPGW: A Symbian client to login IP

Sshpt - SSH Power Tool

DescriptionThe SSH Power Tool (sshpt) enables you to execute commands and upload files to many servers simultaneously via SSH without using pre-shared keys. Uploaded files and commands can be executed directly or via sudo. Connection and command execution results are output in standard CSV format for easy importing into spreadsheets, databases, or data mining applications. AdvantagesSince sshpt does not utilize pre-shared SSH keys it will use provided credentials for all outgoing SSH connections

Altanalyze - Alternative splicing and functional prediction analysis tool

AltAnalyze is a freely available, open-source and cross-platform program that allows you to take RNASeq or relatively raw microarray data (CEL files or normalized), identify predicted alternative splicing or alternative promoter changes and view how these changes may affect protein sequence, domain composition, and microRNA targeting. AltAnalyze is compatible with any RNASeq data (exons and/or junctions), several Affymetrix splicing sensitive array types (Gene 1.0, Exon 1.0, junction) as well as