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G-Store is a prototype of a storage manager for large vertex-labeled graphs.




Related Projects

Norconex HTTP Collector - Enterprise Web Crawler

Norconex HTTP Collector is a full-featured web crawler (or spider) that can manipulate and store collected data into a repositoriy of your choice (e.g. a search engine). It very flexible, powerful, easy to extend, and portable.


kumofs is a scalable and highly available distributed key-value store.

LucidDB - RDBMS built entirely for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

LucidDB is the RDBMS built entirely for data warehousing and business intelligence. It is based on architectural cornerstones such as column-store, bitmap indexing, hash join/aggregation, and page-level multi versioning. Every component of LucidDB was designed with the requirements of flexible, high-performance data integration and sophisticated query processing in mind.


Urd is a 'point and click' web-based usenet binary download manager. It uses a database (e.g. mysql) to store all information. Articles are aggregated into sets and you can download a whole set at once. It also supports NZB files and RSS feeds


MonetDB is a high-performance SQL- and XQuery- column-store database management system with automatic index management, flexible optimizer infrastructure, and programmable backend functionality.


TULP2G is a .NET based forensic software framework for extracting and decoding data stored in electronic devices.


gLabels is a lightweight program for creating labels and business cards for the GNOME desktop environment. It is designed to work with various laser/ink-jet peel-off label and business card sheets that you'll find at most office supply stores.


RAWT is (or better, should become, :-) ) the quot;Radio Amateur's Web-based Toolkitquot;. It is a set of web-based tools written in php and using a postgreSQL-DB as backend for storing the data (e.g. qso information for a logbook, etc.) The goal of the projec

Monitio - Monitio.nl is a place to store your annual reminders like e.g. birthdays

Monitio.nl is a place to store your annual reminders like e.g. birthdays The website source is here under version control. See WelcomePage for more information.

Cdrlisten - CDR listener in perl to receive cdr data from Definity G3 and store to Mysql

This is a small perl tcp listener designed to take input from a Definity G3, parse it out and store the call records in mysql so that you can design queries to monitor call usage.