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G-PositionChecker is a script in BASH which allow to check on which position in result for given phrase of google(TM) searched site is showed.



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Editor for Fixed Width, Csv and Existing Xml files.

QEMU - Machine Emulator and Virtualizer

QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer. When used as a machine emulator, QEMU can run OSes and programs made for one machine (e.g. an ARM board) on a different machine (e.g. your own PC). By using dynamic translation, it achieves very good performance.


LANopoly is a monopoly styled network multiplayer board game. It's goal is to bring this classic game to PC so it can be played e.g. on LAN-Parties via LAN or with your PC-friends via Internet.

Sharepod-lib - A .NET 2.0 class library for interacting with an iPod/iPhone device.

Automatically find an iPod attached to a PC Enumerate all tracks on an iPod Enumerate all playlists on an iPod Add, remove and modify tracks Add, remove and modify playlists. Add & remove album artwork on a track Access and backup photo albums Support for Shuffle, Mini, 3G, 4G (Photo), 5G (Video), 6G (Classic, Nano) Support for iPhone and iTouch Copy tracks from an iPod to PC. Automatic iPod backup & restore - tell SharePodLib where to store backups and how many to store, and SharePodLib will au

Mtpaint - mtPaint is a painting program designed for creating icons and pixel-based artwork. It can

mtPaint is a painting program which Mark Tyler developed from scratch so he could easily create pixel art and manipulate digital photos. It uses the GTK+ toolkit (version 1 or 2) and runs on PC's via the GNU/Linux or Windows operating systems. Due to its efficient design it can run on older PC hardware (e.g. a 200MHz CPU and 16MB of free RAM).

Pynetmony-pc-tool - PyNetMony Database Management Tool

IntroductionPyNetMony PC-Tool is a tool to view and edit all datafiles created by PyNetMony. You can add and delete entries, gather address-information/cell-tower-coordinates and export all database-entries with valid coordinates to Kismet-CSV (only WLAN-database) or Google-Maps-compatible KML-files. DetailsSupported filetypes (import): PyNetMony-WLAN-Database 2G/3G CLF (Version 2, which PyNetMony uses) PyNetMony-Bluetooth-Database PyNetMony 2G/3G Logfiles (PyNetMony 1.10.0 or higher required) P

Pypcap - simplified object-oriented Python extension module for libpcap

simplified object-oriented Python extension module for libpcap - the current version, the legacy version shipping with some of the BSD operating systems, and the WinPcap port for Windows. sample usage: >>> import dpkt, pcap>>> pc = pcap.pcap()>>> pc.setfilter('icmp')>>> for ts, pkt in pc:... print `dpkt.ethernet.Ethernet(pkt)`...Ethernet(src='\\x00\\x03G\\xb2M\\xe4', dst='\\x00\\x03G\\x06h\\x18', data=IP(src='\\\x00\\x01\\x1c', dst='\\\x00\\x01\\x10', sum=39799, len=60, p=1, ttl=128,

Avr-gameboy-cam - Capture Game Boy camera images with AVR and PC

SummaryCode for an AVR microcontroller to interface with a Game Boy Camera, pull images, and send over serial to a Java applet on a PC for display. Applet also controls camera settings. Tested on Ardweeny (ATmega328P) and PC running XP Getting StartedArduino CodeUse Arduino IDE to create a new project called gbcam_arduino and close Arduino IDE. Use a standalone Subversion client to checkout the Arduino code into your gbcam_arduino directory Reopen Arduino IDE and you should be able to edit the g

Go-elite - Software for Extended Pathway Analysis

Software DescriptionGO-Elite ( is a software tool designed to identify a minimal non-redundant set of biological Ontology (GO) terms or pathways to describe a particular set of genes or metaboiltes. In addition, alternate ontologies (e.g., Disease Ontology), gene sets and metabolomics data can also be used as input. This tool calculates over-representation statistics similar to the PC program MAPPFinder and subsequently produces filtered Ontology and pathway results a

Arduino-freenas - A FreeNAS information library for Arduino with LCD

OverviewThe goal of this project is to create a simple library in Java to communicate a PC and Arduino platform to preview information from a FreeNAS server in a LCD attached to Arduino. StatusDec'10 - Initial Jul'11 - Release Candidate 1 Third librariesRXTX, a Java Communications library. Requirements Arduino or compatible platform. A serial LCD with HD44780 chip. A FreeNAS server running. A PC with a USB free port. DownloadsSee Downloads, Source & Wiki Tabs Related projectsMonitor-freenas at G