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g-milter, or quot;guerilla milterquot;, is an open source filter for restricting arriving mail not checked by existing filters due to standards compliance. Running this will catch more spam but almost certainly violates e-mail standards. Requires sendmail.



Related Projects

Tls-milter - A milter to facilitate enforced TLS delivery on selected recipients

tls-milter is developed on assignment from Skatteverket (the Swedish National Taxboard) to add the possibility to check if enforced TLS is activated and available to a specific site/domain for a "flagged" recipient. If enforced TLS is configured and available, the milter leaves the delivery up to the MTA, if it isn't available, the milter will force a return of a NDR (non-delivery report) to the sender with an URL to assist the sender. By default, tls-milter looks for a prepended "s:" to any rec