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G-logo is a 3D graphics software. It has interpreter language processer that it is like LOGO command. It is possible to draw 3DCG by inputting easy command. It can be used for creating 3D modeling, drawing fractal, creating an animation.




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Fishman2008 - It is a RPG game project in Android(G-Phone).

釣魚�人2008It is a RPG game project in Android(G-Phone).一款建立於Android(G-phone)平�上的RPG GAME(釣魚�人)新書�告!!深入淺出Android與J2ME RPG �戲設計(暫定) �戲LOGO �戲畫�

Py-aspsms - Python interface for aspsms SMS services

py-aspsmsaspsms (www.aspsms.com) is a Swiss company that offers SMS gateway services for a fair price. Py-aspsms is a Python interface for this service. Currently, only basic operations are supported (e.g. sending a simple SMS or getting information about the remaining credit) but I am currently extending it. If you have specific neeeds (e.g. sending a ringtone or an operator logo) just put your request on the issue tracker or send me an e-mail. The design goals of py-aspsms are: Free Software (

Jresourcesmanager - Java library to provide an easy way to manage all kind of resources

The idea of Java Resources Manager project is to provide an easy way to deal with resources (mainly assets) when developing Java applications (mainly video games). NOTE: source code moved to Github, and the documentation in this site is DEPRECATED. Features in mind when developing the library: Dynamic resource reloading in a transparent way User defined resource types (a Font, a String, an Image) User defined resource loaders Resource caching An example of usage: // at the beginning of the appRe

Jsstring - Javascript string variable replacement

jsStringSummaryThis is a quick function to add variable substitution in strings without having to break the string with ""+var+"" Lets you change this: var imageLink = {href:"http://nathfisher.com", alt:"my image", src:"logo.gif"};"<a href='" + imageLink.href + "'><img src='" + imageLink.src + "' alt='" + imageLink.alt + "'/></a>";Into this: var imageLink = {href:"http://nathfisher.com", alt:"my image", src:"logo.gif"};$s("<a href='$imageLink.href'><img src='$imageLink.src' alt='$imageLink.alt'/

Photo Management Suite

PMS eases the process of renaming/sorting, rotating and resizing images from digital cameras. It also supports applying an overlay image (e.g. a logo). Files can be renamed by their EXIF date which allows sorting of mixed up images from different cameras.

Cscs-repast-demos - A Collection of Demonstration and Tutorial Programs Built Using Repast Symphony

CSCS-Repast-DemosThis site, cscs-repast-demos, is host to user-contributed open-source programs that implement various agent-based models build using the Repast suite of software, including Repast Simphony, Repast Simphony ReLogo and Repast for HPC. The software from this site, cscs-repast-demos, is periodically checked and copies are placed in the "curated" libarary of Repast models, at the repast-demos site. The curators of repast-demos (e.g., core Repast Developers) check and tweak the candid

Jsdoc-tably-template - A somewhat improved, table-heavy template for jsdoc-toolkit

This is an alternate template for use with jsdoc-toolkit, a great application for auto-generated JavaScript documentation. The Tably template is a modified version of the template in the jsdocs-toolkit distribution. See the code documentation for the Timemap.js project for an example using this template. FeaturesHeavier use of prettier tables (e.g. for class list and function parameters) "Readme"-style project overview information taken from the @fileOverview in a file of your choice Inclusion o

my-librarian is a small web application to manage your own books

Expected Features:Develop a software to manage books, and store basic information like: author, tittle, publisher, year, language. and also additional info as: comments, book review, price you paid for it and where you bought it, where it is placed (assuming you can lend to someone). Know the value of the library (money), Keep notes while you read the book, Find a solution that allows to storage the data in a removable device (e.g., usb), make it portable, feel free to make sugestions Motivation

Go-fightclub - the first rule of fightclub is that we need a flashy logo

ArchitectureFormat:linear raw PCM audio Referencing installed filters:git style, e.g. "afp reverb", "afp delay" possibly JSON config file mapping filter names to executables? Headers:define very simple v1 header, with "extra_data" pointer & "total_header_size" int all v1-compliant filters will simply pass the entire header data through newer filters complying with the hypothetical v2 header will be able to use them in cooperation w/ older filters & while still taking advantage of v2 features

Daofusion - Java based DAO pattern implementation using JPA / Hibernate.

Click on the logo to visit official project site. DAO Fusion is a lightweight yet comprehensive and extensible Java based Data Access Object (DAO) pattern implementation built on top of Java Persistence API (JPA) and Hibernate. FeaturesYou could think of DAO Fusion as a solid foundation for your own DAO layers, doing most of the usual heavy lifting for you and providing support for common DAO-related tasks and patterns, such as: Persistent entity model Model your business domain using a standard