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G-Inspector is a GLib(GTK+) object/class inspector.




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Gpicsync - Automatically geocode pictures from your camera and a GPS track log.

( French Translation ) ( GettingStarted ) ( ScreenShots ) March 10th 2012 : New version 1.29 beta available (see ChangeLog) New Windows releases must be downloaded on Sourceforge. GPicSync for Linux users GPIcSync for OS X 10.5 users Missing a dll? (see TroubleShooting) GPicSync automatically inserts location in your photos metadata so they can also be used with any 'geocode aware' application like Picasa/Google Earth, Flickr, loc.alize.us, etc. Features: automatically geocode your photos (in th

Gmzilla - standalone gmail using xulrunner

The goal of this project is to create a standalone multi platform gmail client based on xulrunner. Features an independant task for gmail (e.g. if FF crashes) SSL mode password manager from firefox inbuilt greasemonkey framework to utilize gmscripts included debugging tools (js console, venkman, , extension developer extension, dom inspector (partly working)) theme and extension manager (but not working) a warm fuzzy feeling external links launch in default browser download manager working There

Simplistic - SDK for enterprise j2ee applications

Released Simplistic middleware engine 2.0 beta!Some of new features: 1. embedded hsqldb(text files) database for metadata, 2. creation/support of hibernate mapping files is not necessary, 3. new caching mechanism, 4. database independency road map: 1. dynamic db schema generation, 2. embedded reverse engineering for databases, 3. runtime generation & custom java code (java beans, inspectors, methods, services…) (development without any ide…), 4. new gui (nearly rich client) based on GWT-ExtG

ironic-inspector - Hardware properties discovery daemon for OpenStack Ironic

This is an auxiliary service for discovering hardware properties for a node managed by Ironic. Hardware introspection or hardware properties discovery is a process of getting hardware parameters required for scheduling from a bare metal node, given it's power management credentials (e.g. IPMI address, user name and password).