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FW1-Loggrabber is a command-line tool to grab logfiles from Checkpoint FW-1 remotely using Checkpoints LEA (Log Export Api), which is one part of Checkpoints OPSEC API.




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Splunkcheckpoint - Integration of splunk with checkpoint

This is code to allow interaction between splunk and a checkpoint server via the LEA OPSEC SDK. It is a derivative work of the open source FW1-Loggrabber which can be obtained from http://fellhauer-web.de/projects/fw1-loggrabber-old.html. The OPSEC SDK can be obtained from: http://www.opsec.com/cp_products/opsec_sdk.html#key (For convenience it is also included in this tar.gz download.) The README file explains the process of setting up the checkpoint server and appropriate configs. The configs

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