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Protect your Server/Network against spammers. fw_spam queries a DNS-based Spam Database to detect spam listed ip-addresses. It is a userspace daemon, wich gets the packets from the iptables QUEUE target. You can configure the dns server, the firewall




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Open5xxxecu - Open5xxxECU is an open source/open design engine controller using the freescale MPC5xx

Open5xxxECU is an open engine control unit (ECU) based on the state-of-the-art 32 bit Freescale MPC5xxx processor family. The FreeScale MPC5xxx processors give it the speed and all the connections or features you could probably ever want. It uses a DIY assembled circuit board so you only need to purchase and install the components you actually need. This design will allow the ECU to be assembled for as little as $150 for a basic application and under $500 with all features installed - while out