Extended WM Hints Support fo FVWM

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fvwm-ewmh is made up of a module and a patch against the stable FVWM source tree. With these FVWM can handle Extended WMHints. This allows to run FVWM with KDE 2 and 3 and GNOME 2. Note that the current fvwm devel version has native EWMH support.




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PyPanel is a lightweight panel/taskbar written in Python and C for X11 window managers. It can be easily customized to match any desktop theme or taste. PyPanel works with WindowMaker and EWMH compliant WMs (Kahakai, Openbox, PekWM, FVWM, etc).

Pywo - Python Window Organizer

PyWO - Python Window OrganizerIntroductionPyWO allows you to easily organize windows on the desktop using keyboard shortcuts. It's inspired by Quicktile, Compiz plugins: Grid, Put, and Maximumize. Features:Move window in any direction and snap it to other windows' edges Resize (expand or shrink) window in any direction Place window in predefined places on the desktop Use grid-like layout (place window and cycle predefined sizes) Switch windows' positions Highly customizable Watch PyWO in action