f/VM (Free Virtual Machine)

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A virtual machine inspired by the concept of IBM's z/VM. The goal is to create a secure, fast and reliable server platform with focus on security with the ability to nest more VMs.




Related Projects


OpenFVM is a general open source three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver (for Linux and Windows). It uses the unstructured finite volume method to simulate non-isothermal transient flow. Gmsh is used for pre- and post- processing.

FVM factory

Tools to incrementally build customised Forth Virtual Machines for embedded applications. Token compiler converts token description into C code templates. PC console application includes FVM, it is used to compile and debug bytecodes for target FVM.

Jirais - Java, IRrigation, Artificial IntelligenceS

Java-based distributed model for simulation water flow in soil-water-plant system

Fosolvers - Free & Open Source Solvers

all projects need gmsh as grid generator and post-processor http://geuz.org/gmsh/ cv3dALEALE for compressible N-S (prototype) movable grid se3dFEMwiki page: Using se3dFEM FEM for steady-state linear elasticity (released) Frontal solving 1st order Tet. & Hex. element heat3dFVMwiki page: Using heat3dFVM FVM for heat equation (released) Crank-Nicholson implicit scheme Tet. element FVM with auxiliary point temperature correction multiple materials Please feel free to contact me if you have any quest

Dpfvm - Minimal embeddable FORTH kernel can work inside of you program

This FORTH Virtual Machine (FVM) is minimal FORTH kernel based on tiny byte-code interpreter can be simply embedded into any program or hardware/software system. Can be used as the base of embeddable scripting language, platform independent plugin engine, end user programming interface, distributed system core and so on. Current version has source file comments and small manual written in russian only, send your requests for english translation. It's public domain software and can be freely used

Ucdavis-stm - Second order FVM transport solver in MATLAB/FORTRAN

General 1D transport model, high resolution, for kinetically controlled reactive transports and sediment in tidal river network.

Funcl - FunCL - The Functor Clause Language Interpreter and Virtual Machine Software Project

FunCL: The Functor Clause LanguageFunCL is the Functor Clause Language, an interpreted functional programming language originally inspired in part by John Backus's Turing Award Lecture "Can Programming Be Liberated From the von Neumann Style?" FunCL uses functors which are like functions, only more generalized. Functor syntax is unique, reminiscent of Forth and LISP--but not either. Functors are made up of clauses, each clause is a series of functors which manipulate the stacks and environment o

Bouledefue - Boule De Feu - Advanced hobby and medium sized rocket systems.

Boule De FeuA Java base suite of applications for the design, development and operations of advanced hobby and medium sized space vehicles. Boule De Feu will produce: A light weight sonic, transonic and super sonic FVM engine. A minimum length axisymmetric nozzle designer. A J2ME Squawk based real-time deterministic guidance and control system The goal of Boule De Feu is to produce a lightweight astronautics IDE (Integrated Development Environment) based on the Netbeans.org architecture. UpdateJ

Cord - Numerical simulation of the tumour cord growth.

The code for numerical simulation of avascular tumour growth in the presence of blood vessels. A special case of formation of tumour cords is addressed. The mathematical model is being developed at Politecnico di Torino, Italy. Research was funded within the 5th Marie Curie Research Training Network Modelling, Mathematical Methods and Computer Simulation of Tumour Growth and Therapy. The details on mathematical model published in S. Astanin, A. Tosin. Mathematical model of tumour cord growth alo

Arduino-gpslogger - GpsLogger para Arduino

Monitoriza las tramas (formato NMEA) enviadas por un GPS conectado por el puerto serie y las guarda en una memoria microSD para su posterior analisis o uso en otros programas. Notas: Unicamente se guarda la trama GPGGA El programa no envia informacion por el puerto serie, solo lee. El fichero donde se guarde la traza de las tramas debe estar creado en el raiz de la tarjeta SD, el nombre debe ser en formato 8+3 y almenos tener un caracter. Esto es una limitacion actual de la liberia Arduino-FileL