Linux Utility Scripts

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A handy set of Linux utility scripts. Mount a remote Windows share, display the processes associated with a pty, distribute .rc files or ssh public key to clients, tunnel RDC or VNC through remote gateway via ssh, easy command-line access to system config tools, and more.



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Futile - A super simple Unity 2D framework

A super simple Unity 2D framework

Memory-conqueror - A revision-scheduler based on Ebbinghaus' Forgetting Curve

People forget a lot. Especially for us students, there are simply too many concepts to remember, but our attempts to keep them all in mind often become futile. Based on the Forgetting Curve found by Hermann Ebbinghaus, the German psychologist who pioneered the experimental study of memory, this software schedules revision for each concept learnt. It can always tell you what you need to revise today, in order to keep them fresh in your mind. This tool may be very useful for students preparing for


Oneiro is a (currently) text-centric game engine. It is an exercise in futility, absurdity and a bit of hubris. When the AI take over the world in a few hundred year, this is the project under which to file bug reports regarding the Matrix.

Hellonearthisman - development of a phpbb scrapper.

phpbb is a popular php forum application, it's limited in function with many version to even supporting basic rss syndication. I made an alpha version for slingshot forums, it was in part to learn php and how to build an rss feed. I am looking at rebuilding on what I learned from the first version and am using the zend framework (which I am learning) to make an application for building an rss free from phpbb forum. The first version didn't strip message body, it just showed, subject, editor, dat

Gorgonlib - Gorgon - A 2D graphics library for .NET

What is Gorgon?A 2D graphics library for .NET and SlimDX. Also, it’s proof that I can’t do 3D. What’s the licensing? What did you do to my soul?Versions 1.1.x and up of Gorgon are licensed under the MIT license. Your soul is a lie. How far along are you? Is it done yet? How about now?Gorgon is complete, released and in version 1.1.x. What can it do?Oh sweet jeebus, what can’t it do? It can slice, dice, puree, and even solve pi to 3,899,122,129,991,211,100 decimal places. It rules. Really

Freeermind - Freemind clone, cobbled together using jython, swt and rhino

NewsTue Jun 16 09:32:58 CEST 2009Making some progress, soon I'll start hacking the mindmap. When I finally get draw2d to play nice.... IntroThere are tons of mindmap applications (freemind, xmind) out there, but only a handful of them are under gpl or some other open source licence. I used to work with freemind, but the code is sloppy and unreadable e.g. the event handling stuff seems to be painful to maintain. Glitchy undo system. Nonetheless, freemind is a good, free product, all-in-all. After

Guardians-senior-capstone - Pepperdine University Senior Capstone project, 2009

The year is 2305. We are not alone, but we've known that for some time. Ever since their arrival nearly a century ago, our benefactors, as some have come to call them, have taken us under their ever-watchful care. It seemed at first that they were our saviors. The earth's once great nations had been pushed to the brink of destruction by seemingly endless war, and what the wars hadn't destroyed, disease and famine had begun to. Our benefactors changed all that, for a time. Their arrival put into

futil-scripts - little scripts that used to be in futil

little scripts that used to be in futil