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FUSE-J Java bindings for FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace) is a Java API that uses JNI bindings to FUSE library and enables writing Linux filesystems in Java language




Related Projects

Goofs - A Google Filesystem in Userspace

goofs is filesystem in userspace, based on fuse, which aims to expose Google services such as picasa images, contacts, blogs, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars, etc. It is written using the java binding for fuse, fuse-j, together with the gdata-java-client. Note this is not an official Google project.

Fluentzen - FluentZen - jquery plugin for creating DOM elements on the fly

A fuse of Sergey Chikuyonok's Zen Coding framework and jQuery = creating DOM objects on the fly.

Tippspiel2008 - Online-Betting System

Simple Test using AppFuse 2.0.2 to create an online betting-system.

Imapfs - IMAP filesystem for FUSE and MacFuse

imapfsImplements a filesystem which stores its data on an IMAP server. How to dive inCheckout source from svn Set your JAVA_HOME to a version 1.5 SDK When in the root dir of the project Invoke 'bin/imapfsmnt' <imap url> <mountpoint> bin/imapfsmnt imap://username:password@mailserver.com/INBOX /Volumes/imapfstestStart hacking! Short tourThe application is built using a slightly modified version of fuse-j version 2.2.3. The compiled 'libjavafs.jnilib' file is contained in subversion. The applicatio

Beauti4j - Make Java web app simple and elegant

Utilize conventions, code generation, templates, and best frameworks to simplify the implementing process of the web application on the Java platform.

Library-detector - Library detector Chrome extension

Library detector is extension for Google Chrome similar to one that is available for Firefox, the library detector is able to detect multiple libraries, currently including the following: jQuery jQuery UI Dojo Prototype Scriptaculous MooTools GWT YUI Sencha Modernizr Qooxdoo Spry Closure Raphael Processing.js Backbone.js Underscore.js Sammy.js Rico MochiKit gRaphael Glow Socket.IO Mustache.js Fabric.js FuseJS Tween.js SproutCore Zepto.js three.js OpenAjaxHub Lightstreamer jQuery Mobile Ally fram

Jqlayout-fuse - 一个用jQuery以��件开�的网页布局模�

jqlayout-fuse是一个用jQuery以��件开�的网页布局模�,用于快速创建业务信�系统web用户界�布局,已�基本兼容IE6,IE7,IE8,Firefox,Chrome,Safari等�览器。 jqlayout-fuse包括了用户界�的布局����多tab页任务��快��作区�主题风格切�等功能。 jqlayout-fuse基于jQuery UI.Layout Plug-in网页布局�件,superfish���件,benma-iframe-tab iframe tab标签�件,jQueryUI effect�件构建。

Baseapp - A foundational Java EE application which can be leveraged to kick-start a green-field Java

ObjectiveThe baseapp will be a Java Feed Reader client using newsgator API. It will be a using Java EE web services stack (JAX-WS) for its SOAP client aspect. It will use the Swing application framework (JSR 296) RI (currently a prototype) for the GUI. There is no code ready yet but it will be very soon... Status03/24/2008: Its been a while that i could update the baseapp project. I have finally decided on what baseapp is going to be. I am going to make a Java feed reader using the newsgator API

Gen-y-ideas - This project mainly focuses on new age publishing domain

Gen Y ideas Introduction:The basic objective of the project is to develop a POC for next generation web app in publishing domain. The whole idea behind the project is to innovate and adapt certain open source technologies available in the cyberspace and make use of it in such a manner that the final application becomes simple, elegant and intuitive. The system should be intelligent enough to evolve in course of time and should be scalable enough to handle large traffic at a time. It should be ac