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fuse-cache is a simple caching filesystem for Linux using FUSE. It works by copying the files you want to be cached at mount time to a cache directory, , and then using that copy for all subsequent read requests for the file.




Related Projects


LftpFS is FUSE filesystem with caching for smart mirror of sites. Useful for mirroring of Linux repositories. It's based on LFTP client, which supports FTP, HTTP, FISH, SFTP, HTTPS, FTPS protocols and works over proxies.

Fuse-cdfs - A FUSE fs to access audio cd's.

A FUSE fs to access an audio cdrom, using extensive caching. Reading a track on a cd through this fs will not result in a read command of the desired sectors of the cdrom, but of a read request on the cache. If the desired sectors has been read before, these cache is taken, if not the missing sectors are read, stored in the cache and the waiting read command is notified the desired data is present in the cache. This means extensive use of threads, mutexes and condition variables, some queues and

Py-s3fuse - Amazon S3 FUSE based filesystem

S3FUSE is a FUSE based filesystem written in python that uses SDB for metadata and S3 for document storage. Using these scalable services available from Amazon, it is possible to mount a user-land filesystem on Linux and FreeBSD. You can even use it on an EC2 instance and then share it via samba to windows computers. Since it uses S3 and has little to no caching, it can be mounted in multiple locations without worrying about the system getting out of sync. S3FUSE also provides a programming inte


memcachefs is FUSE based filesystem which mount the memcache server.It allows to view cache data of memcached as like regular files.


This project is a DotNetNuke Cache Provider supporting the newly announced Velocity cache platform from Microsoft. “Velocity” is a distributed in-memory application cache platform for developing scalable, available, and high-performance applications. “Velocity” fuses memory a...

Gaedrive - A Network Storage on Google App Engine

update: Currently, I am working on OpenNFM, which aims to improve the performance and reliability of embedded NAND storage. The NAND storage will be largely used as cache devices in the CLOUD. IntroductionGAEDrive is a system of network storage or a so-called cloud storage system, that consists of a master server and several chunk servers. All servers are deployed on Google App Engine (GAE). The client running on local computer talks with master/chunk servers, and provides a file system interfac

Cmdfs - Command Filesystem

A FUSE filesystem which exposes a view of a source filesystem. A shell command generates the contents of the files on request, perhaps from the source files. Configurable caching and monitoring of the source tree to limit CPUand prefetch data.

Baculafs - Exposes the Bacula catalog and storage as a Filesystem in USErspace

BaculaFSBaculaFS - Exposes the Bacula1 catalog and storage as a Filesystem in USErspace (FUSE). Copyright © 2009, 2010 Avi Rozen <avi.rozen@gmail.com> BaculaFSIntroductionRequirementsInstallationUsageOperationInitializationCacheBatch ModeExtended AttributesMissing VolumesExamplesLimitationsCommon ProblemsLockingUnsupported FeaturesChangelogBugsCreditsLicense IntroductionBaculaFS is a tool, developed independently of Bacula, that represents the Bacula catalog and backup storage media as a read-o

Sanfs - Fuse file-system for virtualizing media changers and other &#39;nearline&#39; devices

IntroductionSanFS is used to virtualize media changers and other 'nearline' devices, providing a single directory structure on the host which represents the files available on the media changer. SanFS is developed in csharp with the Mono.FUSE integration. MotivationThis project stems from a very real problem that I (and others) have on our MythTV systems with large media libraries, namely the cost of keeping real-time storage online. Large raid arrays are expensive power-wise (not to mention dis

Image-resizer-fs - FUSE filesystem to mount any existing directory tree to provide reading images as

Image Resizer FSDescriptionWith this script, you can mount any existing directory tree to any folder in which all images will behave like thumbnails of original image. When to use it?Whenever you needs smaller image than original and don't want to resize it manually. For example when you send photos via email or when you upload some photos to web. Original photos usually have size in MBs and it's not necessary to send photos to your friends in original quality. With this, you can (without any wo