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Furigana Generator is a CGI web-app that automatically adds furigana to japanese text. Results can be edited on-page and exported as Open Office documents. To run the Furigana Generator, point your browser to furigana.sf.net .




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Itadaki - OpenOffice.org extension for Japanese language also Furigana Inserter - a Firefox add-on

ItadakiOriginal website. OpenOffice.org extension for the Japanese language. I only provide the unchanged extension compiled from latest sources in the SVN repository. If you want to play games with furigana I recommend my new add-on for Firefox: Furigana Inserter. I'm not the author of Itadaki and I can not offer any kind of support for it. Furigana InserterFurigana Inserter is an add-on for the web browser Mozilla Firefox. It automatically inserts furigana for words written in kanji. Furigana

Libkawaii - A Japanese language support library for Qt4

libkawaii is a Japanese language support library for applications that utilize the Qt library. Amoung other things, the library does basic converion of text between romaji, kana, full Japanese with kanji, and furigana/ruby. It also includes a furigana/ruby replacement for QLabel. For more features and to try them out for yourself, obtain a copy of the library and run the included kawaiidemo application.

Naver-ruby-greasemonkey - 네�버 �본어 사전�서 후리가나(루비)를 보여주는 Grea

네�버 �본어사전�서 후리가나(루비)를 단어 위� 보여주는 Greasemonkey Script. 우�단� 후리가나가 단어 위� 작� 글씨로 바�다. 설치 방법� Firefox�서 1. Greasemonkey를 설치한다: 2. XHTML Ruby Support �는 HTML Ruby 확장 기능� 설치한다. 3. Firefox를 재시작한 후, Naver Ruby 스�립트를 설치한다: 문제��나 개선 사항� Issue� 남겨 주시면 �사드리겠습니다.

WPF FlowDocument Examples for VS2008 and VS2010

WPF Text Samples (especially FlowDocument) on the various possible effects: sub- and super-script, ruby (a.k.a. furigana), and various others...

Wakan - Japanese and Chinese learning tool with dictionary

Wakan is a versatile tool for students of Japanese or Chinese. It features a character dictionary, a word dictionary, a text editor, a vocabulary management utility, many printing options (character flashcards, vocabulary lists, text including furigana), and a text translation tool. Wakan will allow you to read real Japanese or Chinese text with minimum knowledge of characters and vocabulary.

Furigana-injector - Inserts furigana for kanji words (Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome extensions)

�り��インジェクター - Nanoszenie furigany - 振���入器 - حاقن ال�وريغانا Furigana Injector is ...the sum of these parts: MeCab natural-language parser (server or XPCOM component.) Adjustable array of user's known kanji (javascript) Webpage-text parsing (javascript) Webpage DOM manipulation to insert <RUBY> tags. (javascript) GUI controls and help pages (javascript, image and html resources) To raise issues or make other suggestions you may freely email the dev

Jnovel-formatter - JNovel Formatter is a utility that will convert Japanese novels to nicely formatt

DescriptionJNovel Formatter is a utility that will convert Japanese novels to nicely formatted HTML files. FeaturesMost novel encodings are supported (SHIFT-JIS, UTF-8, UTF-16, etc.). The output HTML will be encoded in UTF-8. Supports Aozora formatting (é�’空文庫形å¼�), including: Ruby/furigana (ルビ・振り仮å��). Kana that are placed over kanji to indicate pronunciation. Emphasis (å‚�点). Marks or dots used to emphasize a word or passage. Images (挿絵) Underlining ï¼

Isida-plugins-haruko - Additional plugins for jabber bot isida

Plugins for study japanese and other. isida - http://isida-bot.com IntroductionБот-помощник дл� изучающих ино�транные �зыки. �азван в че�ть первой канонизированной anon1007-ом 3д пер�онажа Кано Харуко из Nihonjin no shiranai Nihongo дл� убежища форлача (fl-t██.conference.███████.███). Командыcmd - показывает команды и их алиа�ы

agate - Wrap ruby characters (currently only furigana) in text with the HTML5 ruby element.

Wrap ruby characters (currently only furigana) in text with the HTML5 ruby element.

Yin - iOS application that adds pronunciations (pinyin, furigana, romanizations) to webpages.

iOS application that adds pronunciations (pinyin, furigana, romanizations) to webpages.

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