Free UPnP Entertainment Service

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A free, multiplatform Universal Plug and Play A/V MediaServer (not yet fully UPnP compliant). It supports on-the-fly transcoding from ogg/vorbis, musepack/mpc, FLAC and AAC/MP4 to mp3, mp2, wav or pcm, image conversion/rescaling and video transcoding.



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Ezsharing-media-server - This is a branch UPnP AV Server form fuppes. I make it for some more window

This is a branch from fuppes (v640). Because fuppes is a cross-compile project,it can be compiled in all kind of platform. Becuase of this feature, there are some platform independent features could be developed. I will plan to do some features and make a new UI for this on windows platform.

fupp - treetop based toy language

treetop based toy language

fuppes - Git mirror of this great stream server

Git mirror of this great stream server