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Functy is a 3D graph drawing package. The emphasis for the application is to allow Cartesian and spherical functions to be plotted and altered quickly and easily. This immediacy and the vivid results are intended to promote fun exploration of 3D function



Related Projects


Packages and modifications to pJava/j2me-imprelementations for executing current J2SE/J2EE-code. Aimed at devices for wich no quot;bigquot; java exists like the Hitachi WIA or Ipaqs under WinCE. Aimed at still being small and modular so only the needed functi

Compapi - Web services exploitation

Folosind unul din framework-urile alese (din saptamina 1) realizati o aplicatie care sa permita exploatarea serviciilor Web expuse de diverse situri de profil. Resursele obtinute vor fi clasificate in functie de o serie de criterii sintactice. (discutii la laborator)


DLR Pad gives you the expressiveness of dynamic languages at your finger tips, while developing WPF based application. Using DLR Pad you can define a sample UI using XAML and then script against it using IronPython or IronRuby. DLR Pad is ideal for rapid testing of some functi...


Aplicatia gestioneaza stocul unui restaurant pe baza de retete. Materia prima este introdusa in sistem prin receptii si inventar, iar la vanzare este consumata in functie de retetele configurate. Vanzarile pot fi inregistrate pe o casa de marcat folosind driver-ul DocPrint.

Supplementen-prijzenvergelijking - Prijzen scrapen van producenten en prijzen tonen.

Supplementen PrijzenvergelijkingEen handige functie die de prijzen ophaalt van (op dit moment): XXL Nutrition, Bodyenfitshop, Bodylab, Sportfood en Powersupplements. Wat te doen?Lees eerst en vooral de wiki. Het is hoop ik overduidelijk dat mijn demo niet meer als een demo is, ik toon enkel de functionaliteit van mijn script. Verdere opmaak gebeurt door de ontwikkelaars. Succes en niet verlegen zijn om bij te dragen!

Php-orm-lite - a clean easy orm for php

not too many features but has elegant basics many will find it useful Usage: // Contacts.php<?phpclass Contacts extends Model {\t\t\tpublic $table_name='contacts'; \tfunction __construct($arr) {\t\tparent::__construct($arr);\t}\t\tpublic function validate() {\t\t$this->validate_presence('nume');\t\t$this->validate_presence('prenume');\t\t$this->validate_presence('telefon');\t\t$this->validate_presence('functie');\t\t$this->validate_numericality('telefon');\t\t$this->validate_numericality('fax');

Pyinkblot - PyInkblot - Creating Rorschach Inkblots using Genetic Algorithms

PyInkblotSimply mirroring a random plotting of half of a grid onto the second half, you can create pictures that look 'organic' like Rorschach Inkblots. PyInkblot uses pygene for the Genetic Algorithm backend and pygame to draw the 'organisms' onto the screen. The user selects 0 or more (up to 6) of the organisms to go into a new population, more organism's will be added until there is 6 in the new population. Then a new generation is created using this population. The user is the fitness functi

Jswaf - Javascript Web Application Framework/Container

First thought: jswaf is NOT a javascript library! Right now, there is a massive redign towards making jswaf much more programmer friendly and much more flexible than before! What is jswaf?jswaf is a highly modular web application container that can host modern AJAX web applications. What does jswaf do?jswaf brings the web application development model pretty close a conventional desktop application development paradigm. jswaf separates functionality from the UI. It also separates multiple functi

Jquery-quickedit - Form plugin for jQuery, provides simple ways to edit text.

Introduction:This plugin makes it simple to edit text. Try out a demonstration Setup:Include the script and stylesheets in your document (you will need to make sure the css and js file are on your server, and adjust the paths in the script and link tag) <link href="jquery.quickedit.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" /><script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.quickedit.js"></script>Javascript$(document).ready(function () { $('.quickedit').quickEdit();});Use TextArea. $(document).ready(functi

Jsterminal - A console/terminal program in Javascript.

A terminal/commandprompt/console-lookalike in Javascript. It can interprete commands with parameters and sends AJAX-requests to any server language. It can retrieve the AJAX-callback. ---- Nederlands (Dutch)Een console/terminal/commandprompt-venster in HTML en Javascript. Eenvoudig te bedienen via een tekstregel. Druk op de Enter-toets om de opdracht uit te voeren. Verwacht callback van een ASP- of PHP-pagina. Mogelijkheden met bijgeleverde ASP/vbscript-pagina: * een email verzenden (je kan afze