Functional Genomics Experiment (FuGE)

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Standards efforts related to functional genomics investigations. Consists of a data model (UML) , the Use Cases that drove development, platform specific implementations (Java, XML, Perl, etc.), documentation, and some sample applications.



Related Projects

Systems/Molecular Biology Data Archive

SyMBA is a Data Archive and Integrator that is based on the Functional Genomics Object Model ( and which archives, stores, and retrieves raw high-throughput data. See and

Gel-electrophoresis-data - Standard representation of gel electrophoresis data

This project is the markup of gel electrophoresis data using the Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI) data transfer format for gel electrophoresis (gelML). The gelML is an extension of the FuGE data model. The terminology will come from the sample processing and separations controlled vocabulary (sepCV) and the ontology for biomedical investigations (OBI). This is a reverse engineering project making my lab-book and data available. If you want to discuss this data set please send a post the my

Pendulumsim - Simple pendulum simulator written in borland delphi

Pendulum SimulatorSimulates a simple pendulum, with damping. Comprises of a custom VCL control which draws the pendulum itself, and a simple implementation of a amplitude vs. time graph. UsespngComponents Library from Fuge Icon Set from IncludesTPendulumView TPendulumGraph

Ifuge-reference - IFuge - Collaborative Web Development Platform

iFuge is a collaborative development platform designed to aid individual developers of software and content who wish to develop components for commercial use and profit from that development. The platform provides infrastructue components that simplify the process of marketing components, delivering those components to users and charging for usage of the components. The platform supports collaborative development efforts and profit sharing based on component development models.

Fugetoolkit - A Toolkit For Capturing and Sharing FuGE Experiments

NEWS: Our paper describing the fuge toolkit has been accepted for publication in the journal of bioinformatics. An electronic version of the paper is available online on the web site of the journal. Khalid Belhajjame, Andrew R. Jones and Norman W. Paton. A Toolkit for Capturing and Sharing FuGE Experiments. Bioinformatics, 2008. The aim of the toolkit made available through this page is to ease the specification and sharing of FuGE experimental processes. Using the toolkit, users are able to cap

fuge - minecraft


fuge - scripts scripts


this is a demo rails application


WEB Content Manager - PHP OOP with jQuery support and plugins