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Fudge is a documentation system for software projects inspired by Pudge. It is currently targeted at providing integration with current Python software developement tools and internationalization, but support for other programming languages is planned.




Related Projects


A base rails app featuring: RESTful Authentication, Will Paginate, Rspec & Rspec-rails, Exception Notifier, Asset Packager, Cap Recipe (multi-stage). Put together by Fudge to remove the need for boring project setup.

Fudge-lib - Graphics engine for Silverlight and .NET

By using FUDGE, you can draw lines, circles, and other objects in silverlight environment. FUDGE supports VB6.0 style graphics methods. Of course, it supports virtual coordinate, too. Developed by Masato Shimada support language: VisualBasic.NET and C#.NET

Diceforge - dice expression analyzer

DiceForgeDice expression analyzer IntroductionDiceForge is an analyzer for the evaluation of complex dice expressions. You may recognize the dice expression 3d6 from d20 games such as Dungeons & Dragons. DiceForge can give you the result-distribution of such simple expressions. But it can do much more. With DiceForge, you can express complex evaluation schemes: replacement: replace(3d6, 6, 6 + 1d6 ) (add another dice throw for each 6 in a 3d6) selections: count(atleast(3d6,5)) (counts the number

Gdice - RPG Dice Rolling Gadget

gDice is a simple and attractive gadget that allows you to roll up to 6 dice in any combination of D4, D6, D8, D12, D20 and Fudge(+,- or blank) applying a modifier if desired.

Dt-dice-roller - RPG and boardgame dice roller for Android platforms.

DiceRoller is an application for rolling dice for RPGs and boardgames that runs on Android platforms. Aside from two generic dice-rolling screens (one with a standard set of polyhedral dice, and one with exclusively d6), several game systems are explicitly supported: Burning Wheel Fudge/FATE Hero Old World of Darkness (VtM, WtA, etc) New World of Darkness (VtR, WtF, etc) The major feature TODO list includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Adding support for additional game systems Replacing

fudge-talk - A lightning talk about Fudge

A lightning talk about Fudge

Fudge-C - A C Implementation of the Fudge Messaging specification

A C Implementation of the Fudge Messaging specification

fudge-image - Image creation tool for fudge (UNFINISHED)

Image creation tool for fudge (UNFINISHED)