Corporate File Transfer Service

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The purpose of this application is to allow companies to share files with other companies. It's designed to be an easier to use alternative to FTP. The application is based on asp.Net 4.0, MVC2, and C#.



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Arkana - Fight To Survive (FTS)

Arkana - Fight to survive (FTS) will be a 3D real time strategy game in the veins of Warcraft 3, AOE, EE, ... but with a twist: the focus is on online gaming and each player will have a hero which he carries from game to game.

Sqlitesearch - a simple web frontent for the sqlite fts search engine

sqlitesearch is a simple web frontent for the sqlite fts search engine. Beside the web frontend, it provides an interface to search and update items via json, xml and csv data. For an interface description see API

Ghetto-fts - Ghetto full text search: the world's smallest full text indexer.

Absolutely minimalist implementation filesystem full text indexer in 62 lines of Python. Script is 1894 bytes. Runs from memory. Blisteringly fast (for Python anyway). Indexes around 3.8mb/sec on a Macbook. Incredibly naive (it'll try to index JPEGs) Fun! Usage: $ [your_source_dir] Query? include stdio 0.00 your_source_dir/main.h Looking for a real full text indexer for Python? Check out Whoosh

Managed-sqlite - A Managed SQLite implementation

Looking for developers! Please email me!About this projectManagedSQLite is a managed implementation of the public domain relational database SQLite. Currently, ManagedSQLite works with Microsoft Visual C# 2005, Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005. Unlike other managed wrappers for SQLite, ManagedSQLite only requires its own DLL with no need for the SQLite DLL file - reducing the risk of DLL Hell. Current version1.0.0.01340 (SQLite 3.4.0 with FTS1 and FTS2) Download here: ht

Django-fts - Generic Full Text Search engine for Django projects

This is a generic Full Text Search engine for Django projectsCurrently implements three backends: dummy, simple and pgsql. dummy - just uses ILIKE to do the search (no indexes, very slow) simple - implements the search using two helper tables for the indexes pgsql - uses PostgreSQL 8.3 full text search engine It should be possible to easily integrate MySQL, Sphinx and Xapian backends too. InstallTo install the latest version: svn checkout django-ftscd


OpenFTS (Open Source Full Text Search engine) is an advanced PostgreSQL-based search engine that provides online indexing of data and relevance ranking for database searching. Close integration with database allows use of metadata to restrict search re

Pydonet - Various Fidonet-related tools written in Python.

Various Fidonet-related tools written in Python. There are no packaged dowloads; you'll have to grab the latest code from the subversion repository. The code is undocumented and largely untested. If you're brave enough to try it I'm happy to field questions and fix bugs.


EasyGIS simplifies GIS data management, sharing, and publishing. REST interfaces (json, html views). Lucene based FTS searches. Thematic maps, business cartography. Integration with external GIS data providers - Google, OSM.